Would you believe if I say that a single ingredient can help you eliminate the harmful toxins from your body and make you healthier day by day? Well, you would be shocked and ask me, "Really?" But my answer would be, "YES!!" Spirulina is a superfood that provides all the necessary nutrients to your body. Since 1500s, it is used in foods for added health benefits and it has also been a popular source of food for the Aztecs.
What is Spirulina? Is it beneficial for humans?
Spirulina is a blue-green algae that grows in freshwater (warm alkaline lakes of Africa and Central and South America). This superfood is a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals. It acts as an excellent dietary supplement for vegetarians as well as humans who follow vegan diets. According to scientific studies, it is stated that spirulina can help in the prevention of various diseases as it boosts the immunity levels and provide the adequate amount of nutrients to our body.

About Prolgae
Prolgae Spirulina Supplies is a Nordic-India joint venture founded in January 2017 by Mr. Aakas Sadasivam and Mr. Mika Rautio. They have a vision to provide high quality products to the consumers around and eradicate malnutrition from the world. The wanted a name that defines their production and mission, so they named the company as Prolgae where Pro stands for protein-rich and lgae stands for Algae as spirulina is algae grown in alkaline waters. Their modern farm is situated in a rural village in Karur district. The farm has modern and high quality production methods to meet the growing demands of the products. The environment of the farm is well maintained to keep their employees in best health conditions.

About Prolgae Spirulina
As mentioned previously, the brand wants to provide the best products to their consumers, so they produce Organic Sundried Prolgae that is totally safe to be consumed. Being sundried makes Prolgae Organic Spirulina rich in nutrients as it doesn't go through chemical processes. It has all the vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers.

1. Prolgae Spirulina is 100% organic which makes it a natural and safe ingredient to consume.
2. Prolgae Spirulina has rich contents of protein, amino acids, mineral and vitamins, which makes it a healthy supplement to intake.
3. It is vegan, certified gluten-free and non GMO verified.
4. Being organic, it supports and motivates hundreds of farmers to adopt the traditional and healthy methods of farming, which reduces the financial stress on them.
5. It can be consumed by men as well as women, if you are on medication or allergic or pregnant women then you should consult your physician once before adding it to your daily routine.

Packaging, Price and Availability
Prolgae Spirulina comes in environment friendly paper packaging of 250 grams and 500 grams. It has brands details on the frontside and nutritional values on the backside. You don't need a separate container to store the product as it has a zip lock on the top. You can take out the desired amount and secure it with the zip lock.

Prolgae Sun Dried Organic Spirulina has the texture similar to loose tea, except the fact that they are little bigger in size and green in colour.

Prolgae Sun Dried Organic Spirulina is available on Amazon for Rs. 1500 (two packs of 250 grams) or Rs. 3000 (four packs of 250 grams).

Health Benefits of Spirulina
There are numerous health benefits of spirulina as it is rich in nutrients. Let's see top 10 benefits of adding spirulina in our daily life.
1. Has High Nutritional Value
Consuming around 3-5 grams of dried spirulina every day helps to provide necessary nutrients to our body. 5 grams of spirulina contains around 17.5 Calories, 3.25 g of Protein, 5 mg of Iron, 25 mg of Calcium, 1 g of Carbohydrates, 0 g of Sugar, 0.1 g of Fat, 40 mg of Potassium, 0.05 mg of Vitamin A, 0.5 mg of Vitamin  B3, 0.1 mg of Vitamin B12, 0.7 mg of Vitamin E, and few other nutrients in smaller quantities.

2. Boosts Metabolism
Taking 3-5 grams of spirulina every day boosts the metabolism of human body. With regular usage, you would start feeling energetic and get less tired. With the increase in energy levels, you can workout well and hence loss weight as well. It will take 2-4 weeks to show results. 

3. Improves Digestion
With Spirulina you can improve digestion, when consumed every day on empty stomach. It boosts the metabolism, which burns the excessive food that gets stuck on the walls of the intestine. This helps to remove the toxins from our body and our digestive system works smoothly. Spirulina also contains Niacin which controls your supports healthy digestion and controls your appetite. 

4. Helps in Weight Loss
If we eat well and keep a watch on our appetite then we can lose weight. Spirulina is a healthy ingredient that boosts our energy levels and manages our appetite, hence, our body starts losing weight naturally after a period of time. You need to consume it every day to have a well maintained, healthy body.

5. Improves Immunity of the Body
Immunity plays a major role in our body. If our immunity is low then our body cannot fight against diseases easily, but if our immunity is high then our body fights against the bacteria that make us ill. Spirulina is a great source of antioxidants that improves the immune system. Once our immune system is strong then our body is fit and healthy. It takes 2-3 months to show visible results. 

6. Manages Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
As Spirulina is rich in nutrients, so it can help humans to manage Type-2 diabetes and hypertension. Intake of 2-4 grams of Spirulina with 300 ml of water every morning on empty stomach helps to detoxify your body. This detoxifications results in improvement of the working of your body and helps you to manage diabetes and hypertension. Studies have shown that intaking half a teaspoon of spirulina every day lowers the blood glucose and reduces high blood pressure. You must take your doctor's advice before consuming anything new. 

7. Reduces Allergic Symptoms
Few people have chronic illness like dust, cough, sneezing, itching, etc. Regular intake of spirulina cleans the body and reduces the allergies over a period of time. Spirulina keeps toxins away from the body and boosts the immunity, which leads to reduction in allergic reactions. Chronic allergies do take time, but with clean body system you tend to be more healthy. 

8. Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases
These days, many of us don't watch what we eat. Eating heavy and oily food leads to bad effects on our heart as well as liver. Spirulina is known to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and increase the levels of good cholesterol in human body. It contains fatty acids that decreases the amount of fat deposits in the arteries, keeping cholesterol levels low. As your cholesterol would be maintained, so the risk of heart diseases also reduces.

9. Supports Mental Wellbeing
These days, a larger percentage of human population is busy in life or stressed. Spirulina has a source of tryptophan that is important to improve mental health. It reduces the levels of depression and anxiety and calms human mind.

10. Other Benefits
Spirulina has the tendency to fight against viruses that make our body sick. Hence, it acts as anti-viral ingredient for our body. Spirulina has phycocyanin that fights against free radicals and reduces the risk of cancer. The antioxidant properties of spirulina also helps people, who smoke, intake tobacco and other harmful items, to lead a healthy life.

How to Intake Spirulina?
There are many forms in which you can include spirulina in your daily diet.

1. Mix one teaspoon of Spirulina in 250-300 ml of water and drink it on empty stomach. Don't intake anything after that for 20 minutes. Let spirulina settle in your stomach and start working.

2. Sprinkle spirulina over juices, smoothies and shakes to add the health benefits. Don't over add spirulina, sprinkle few Sun Dried Organic Spirulina and stir well.

3. Sprinkle spirulina over salads, soups, curd and curries at the end.

4. Make energy balls with spirulina and dates to have an energy booster.

5. You can also make spirulina powdered capsules at home or take spirulina tablets from market to intake it as dietary supplement.

My Experience
This is the first time that I am taking spirulina. It is not easy for a fussy eater like me to convince intaking supplements, but since a week I am taking spirulina every morning. I mix it in water and have it half an hour before breakfast. When I opened the packet then I loved the fragrance of spirulina, so I wanted to give it a try. It took me three days to settle the taste of spirulina drink on my taste buds as it was little different. But after fourth day, it seemed like a normal routine, so I enjoyed drinking it every day. I have noticed that digestion and energy levels have improved around 20-30% in this week's time. I am continuing the intake of spirulina as it seems good for my body.

I would rate Prolgae Sun Dried Organic Spirulina as 4.5/5. I am yet to see long terms results, so I am awaiting for them. I would recommend everyone to try spirulina at least once and see good results themselves. If you cannot intake as a drink or over food then you can have their tablets.

I hope this blog is useful and informative for you all. Share this healthy information with your family and friends. Also leave a feedback comment below and share if you have tried this or not.

Thank you!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)
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Raksha Bandhan is a sacred festival celebrated across India. This festival celebrates the precious bond between sisters and their brothers. Sisters tie Rakhi (a beautiful thread) to the wrist of their brothers with all the rituals. Brothers in return gift their sisters in cash or kind and promise to protect them for lifetime.

Do brothers get a gift? No! But this Raksha Bandhan let's do something special for brothers too. Tie a precious Gold Rakhi to your brother's wrist and let him cherish the gift for lifetime.

Recently, I came across a jewellery store named as KUBERBOX, selling Gold Rakhi Online for Men. KUBERBOX is a fine jewellery brand started by Mr. Sourav Lodha. Mr. Sourav is an Electronic Engineer and a qualified diamond professional who focuses on providing quality, affordability and easy access to consumer around the globe. In December 2012, he initiated his successful jewellery venture, KUBERBOX. KUBERBOX has a wide range of jewellery starting from an affordable price. They sell jewellery designs which fulfil different requirements of their consumers. You can find traditional as well as modern jewellery designs at KUBERBOX.com.

Mr. Sourav Lodha says, "We offer an experience at KUBERBOX, not just jewellery." KUBERBOX offers a simple online platform where you can browse multiple jewellery designs while sitting comfortably at home, office or any location. The consumers have the liberty to check as many designs as they can without the interference of any salesman. You can see, compare and then buy from KUBERBOX. Isn't this a great and hassle free experience?

About KUBERBOX Gold Rakhi Collection for Men
KUBERBOX wants to provide a lifetime gift to men this Raksha Bandhan with their wide range of Gold Rakhi, starting from the price of Rs. 2500/-. Buying Gold Rakhi Online for Your Brother is made easy with KUBERBOX worry free product service. You can browse over multiple designs that matches the personality of your brother. They have various Gold Rakhi designs like modern designs, religious designs, simple yet elegant designs, customised letters designs, quirky designs, etc. They also have few designs for kids rakhi as well, so let the boys also get some special feeling this Raksha Bandhan.

Why Get Gold Rakhi for Your Brother?
Brothers protect their sisters and love them a lot, so why not make them feel special this Raksha Bandhan?
1. KUBERBOX Gold Rakhi is designed with real BIS Hallmarked Gold. They also provide the hallmark certificate with each Gold Rakhi.

2. Gold Rakhi is a special gift for brothers which they would keep with themselves for lifetime.
3. Men can later wear Gold Rakhi pendant around their neck in a chain or at their wrist with a bracelet or they can even get it attached to a ring. So, this would remain with the men forever.
4. Gold Rakhi can also be worn by women, so if you like any design then you can please your brother and wear the Gold Rakhi pendant at a special occasion in the way you like.

5. KUBERBOX provides lifetime exchange and 1 year free service for the jewellery bought from their website. (Check their website for T & C).
6. You can sit at home and gift Gold Rakhi box to your brother residing in another city or country.
7. You also get 100% refund (if jewellery is not upto mark), free shipping, 30-days free refunds and cash on delivery option at various places in India.

The AUM Gold Rakhi Pendant
This is an OM styled gold rakhi pendant that comes tied with a thread.
Measurements : 9mm (H), 13.1 mm (W)
Weight : 0.53 grams
Metal : Gold
Purity : 18Kt
MRP : Rs. 3011/-
Discounted price : Rs. 2710/- (Offer valid for limited time (updated on 24th July 2019))

Vintage Gold Rakhi Pendant
This is a round motif pendant made of gold and diamonds that is tied to a nice thread.
Measurements : 12.11 mm (H), 12.11 mm (W)
Weight : 1.01 grams
Metal : Gold
Purity : 18 Kt
Metal : Diamond (4 small (0.0252 carats) and 1 big (0.0618 carats))
Purity : 0.087 carats
MRP : Rs. 9187/-
Discounted price : Rs. 7809/- (Offer valid for limited time (updated on 24th July 2019))

KUBERBOX Gold Rakhi Gift Box
KUBERBOX not only provides one of the best Gold Rakhi designs but their packaging is luxurious too. They deliver Gold Rakhi in a beautiful wooden jewellery box. It is a brown textured box with KUBERBOX name and logo printed on it in gold.

As you open the jewellery box, you will see Gold Rakhi tied onto a red thick paper and kept on a velvet layer. At the bottom KUBERBOX has included a small Rakhi card in which you can write a special message for your brother.

For Hindus, Rakhi is incomplete without Kumkum-Chaawal, so KUBERBOX has customised each Gold Rakhi box to provide all the necessary things for Raksha Bandhan. As you pick up the velvet layer, you would a small container with Kumkum-Chaawal packed nicely. You would also get the bill and the BIS Hallmarked Certificate here.

The Gold Rakhi pendant is tied to a good quality thread which stays intact once you tie it on your brothers wrist. Later, you can remove the thread and wear the pendant with chain, bracelet or a simple ring.

Not only the Gold Rakhi pendant is multipurpose, but the gift box can also be later used to keep your jewellery safe. The entire gift box has velvet layering, which keeps your jewellery safe and in good condition. Isn't this a great idea? Yes? So, head over to KUBERBOX.com and get a beautiful Gold Rakhi for your Brother and/or Bhabi to make them feel special.

I would rate KUBERBOX as 5/5 for their great designs as well as packaging. Gold Rakhi can be purchased from their website under Men's collection or under Rakhi menu. They take 4-15 days to deliver Gold Rakhi gift box depending on the area (I received it within two days at Delhi through FedEx).

I hope this Raksha Bandhan your brother would be surprised to see a Gold Rakhi on his wrist. Do share your feedback and thoughts on this blog in the comments below. Also share it with your family and friends so that all can make their Brothers and Babhis feel special this festivity.

Thank you!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)

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Parenting is the process of raising kids through physical, emotional, social and intellectual aspects of life. It is the responsibility of the parents to guide and protect their kids at every stage. The parents work together to provide the basic needs to their kids to lead a good life.
Parenting is an experience of life that has lots of ups and downs. No doubt, every parent is a good parent but parents need to have patience to guide their kids in the right direction. A parent who looses his or her patience at an early stage would likely have a stubborn or shy kid. It is advisable to be friends with your kids from the starting so that they respect you, listen you and share everything with you. Here, I am sharing 5 good parenting tips that will help each parent to understand their kids well and be a better parent for their kids.
1. Be a Role Model
The kids are the part of their parents, so it is obvious that they would enact as their parents do since childhood. So, the first and the foremost tip for a good parenting is to be a role model for your kids. If you don't practice yourself then you can't teach your kids to follow it. So, first implement the habits in yourself and then your kids would follow the same by looking at you.

For example: If you want your kids to learn the importance of keeping their dirty clothes in the laundry then you need to do the same. Kids would watch your task and then they would start keeping their dirty clothes in the laundry.

2. Show Them Your Love
Every parent loves their kids, so why not show them in different ways. A good parent not only loves their kids from heart but they also show their love through actions. Few people believe that too much love spoils their kids but it isn't true. No matter what your kids do, you should love them the same way. You should show them love by hugs and kisses, encouraging them to do better, praising them on their achievements (give gifts) and making them understand that you will always love them.

For example: If your kids have lost a match then you should sit and encourage them to do better next time. You should offer them love and support by hugging them and going on practice sessions. Applaud when they do better, this way they would feel better and excel to do better.

3. Sit and Talk With Them
Communication is the best way to listen to your kids and make them understand your point. A good parent should make it a point to sit and talk with their kids every day for at least 10 minutes. This helps to build up a better relationship with your kids. Kids would feel secure and comfortable to share their troubles with their parents. Hence, you would know what your kids are going through in life.

For example: If you have a good communication relationship with your kids then if someone bullies your kids then they would come and talk to you about it. You can handle the situation and make your kids feel comfortable. But if there is a communication gap between you and your kids then they would think before sharing their bad experiences with you. This way the kids would not have a guidance and they would end up giving their own reactions (which could be not appropriate).

4. Set Consistent Routines
It is difficult to teach discipline to kids, so you should set consistent routines to make them familiar with a disciplined environment. Don't forget to follow the routine yourself too! Set some rules that should be followed by each family members. Don't be too strict with rules, keep them reasonable and fair. Kids might not follow them from starting, but your constant support and understanding will make them disciplined soon. Also tell your kids about the consequences of not following the rules. Don't scare them with consequences, but let them understand the difference between good and bad.

For example: If you want your kids to wake up early and exercise every day then you should follow the same routine. Also tell them the benefits of waking up early and exercising Soon, your kids would follow the same routine. Also punish them (not in a harsh way) if they don't follow the routine. Give them light punishment like cut their digital screen time or make them do some extra household work.

5. Don't Compare With Others
These days competition is on high level, so few parents want their kids to excel in ever field. Such parents compare their kids with other kids (from their families or neighbourhood) and push them to study harder to be on the top. A good parent should never do this. Every kid has different potential and capability. Understand what your kids are good at and encourage them to do well in the field of their interest. Parents should motivate kids to study hard and score good marks, but they should not compare or compel their kids to do better than others. Let the kids understand the importance of everything and do better themselves with your support and guidance.

For example: If your kids are not scoring well in studies then don't compare their marks with other students. Talk to your kids and understand the reason behind their low marks. Help them to study well and work harder to score better marks. Appreciate their small achievements of scoring better and make them believe that you are with them no matter how much they score. But this doesn't mean that if your kids are not interested in studies then you be lenient with them, you need to be strict in some situations (but it should be in limits and in controlled manner) for the betterment of your kids future.

These are main 5 Good Parenting Tips that should be considered by every parent. As your child grows, you need to have a flexible parenting approach which should change with time. Try to incorporate ways and methods which are appropriate for the age of your kids. Have patience and be friendly with your kids to make them better humans for tomorrow.

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I hope these tips would be useful for parents. Do share your own tips or experiences in the comments below. Also share this with other parents in your family and friend circle to spread the word.

Thank you!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)

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Hello #blogfam,
In my previous blog post I talked about Bella Voste Matte Lip Crayons. (Click here to read the previous blog.) Here, I am introducing Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliners in 6 beautiful shades. I have tried different eyeliner looks with Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliners and the look stayed on until I removed them with eye makeup remover.
About Belle Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliners
Bella Voste launched 6 #liquideyeliner shades recently which retail for Rs. 199/- (4 ml). These liquid eyeliners have the basic shade range which is needed to rock a simple to glam look. The applicator is precise which helps easy and better application of the eyeliner.

1. Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliners are easy to apply to give precise shape over the eyelids.
2. Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliners dry up fast on application to give a shiny look.
3. Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliners have nice colour payoff with one stroke application that stays on for long hours.
4. The Liquid Eyeliners colour doesn't bleed or transfer, so you can wing it out and slay the look.
5. The Liquid Eyeliners colours don't fade off easily.
6. The Liquid Eyeliners doesn't peel or flake off. You can easily remove them with Bella Voste Eye & Lips Makeup Remover.
7. The Liquid Eyeliner shades silver and golden can also be used as eye shadows as they have shimmery looks.

Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliners Shades
I have been using Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliners since three weeks. I have created different looks by mixing the eyeliner shades. Let's see the eye looks with Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliners.

Note: I have applied the eyeliner on well primed eyes with concealer. The shades are used directly with the applicator on the eyes.

Price and Availability
Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliners are easily available at Bella Voste website, Amazon, Purplle and Nykaa. You can 4 ml of Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliner for Rs. 199/- (Currently available for Rs. 129/- on Purplle - Offer update on 18 July 2019).

My Experience
I always try to apply perfect winged eyeliner but I fail at major attempts, but since the day I am using Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliners I can create winged eyeliner look easily. Bella Voste has launched 6 shades in their liquid eyeliners shade. These are popular and most demanded eyeliner shades - White, Black, Blue, Green, Silver and Golden.

The packaging of liquid eyeliner is simple and travel-friendly. It comes in a sleek bottle with a precise applicator that helps to achieve controlled lines to apply required eyeliner. Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliner Shades White, Black, Blue and Green give required colour with one stroke of application. Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliner Shades Silver and Golden are shimmery shades, so you need to reapply to achieve required colour.

Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliner stays on eyes for long hours. They are water resistant, so they don't bleed with water or sweat. You can apply the eyeliner and rock the makeup look for required time. These eyeliners are a must have for every women.

I would rate them as 4.5/5. My final verdict is that Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliners are a must try for every women. The shades are good to match with outfit and create graphic eyeliner looks.

I hope this review is useful for you. Leave your feedback with a comment and let me know which look is your favourite. Also share the blog with your friends and family to spread the word.

Thank you!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)

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