4 Ways to Style Your Little Black Dress ft. Shein

Each one of us has a simple black dress in the wardrobe to wear for every day look or an informal outing with family or friends. But do you know you can style your little black dress in different ways to make it look fashionable? Here are 4 ways to Style Your Little Black Dress.
Style 1 : Wear it and Accessorise
The simple way to Style Your Little Black Dress is to wear it all alone. I am wearing a cotton black dress from Shein. This knee length black dress is perfect to wear in summers as well as monsoons. If you are going out for an informal lunch or dinner or outing with family or friends then you can Style Your Little Black Dress in a simple wear. Style it with open hair or a bun on top.

What if the lunch or dinner or outing is for a small celebration? Don't panic! Just wear few of your favourite accessories and Style Your Little Black Dress in a different way. You can wear a colourful or silver necklace with or without pendant. You can also style the black dress with a pair of tassel earrings or danglers. And you are decked up for a small celebration! Here I am wearing my favourite colourful beads necklace from PanighaIndia. I love to be minimal, so I avoided the earrings for this look.

Style 2 : Wear a Shrug On It
We flaunt Little Black Dress in summers and monsoons, but can you wear it in winters too? I would say, "YESSSS!" Style Your Little Black Dress with a long shrug. Wear a solid colour or stripped shrug on top of the black dress and slay the look. You can select the material of the shrug according to your body capability in winters. If you feel cold then go for a warmer shrug and if you don't feel too much cold (Just like ME! ;-)) then select a cotton shrug for the look. Here, I am wearing a cotton stripped shrug.

Tip : You can also replace the shrug with a jacket and make your own style statement.

Style 3 : Add a Belt
These days, you would find stylish belts in the market to add on to your outfits. I prefer wearing cloth belts as they are best to wear and doesn't cause any uneasiness when worn for long. You can check your wardrobe for belts and match a suitable belt that adds a pop while you Style Your Little Black Dress. Adding a belt around the waist line gives a nice figure and you tend to look slimmer. Make sure that the belt should not be of dark colour because then it won't be visible on black. Here I am wearing a cotton printed belt around my waist line to Style Little Black Dress.

Style 4 : Pair it with a Bottom
Here comes another styling tip for colder days! You can Style Your Little Black Dress with a pair of bottom - capri, jeans, legging or jeggings. Make sure to pair a straight or tigh fit bottom with a Black Dress that has flowy bottom. If you are wearing a straight or tight fit dress then you can pair it with a skirt, bell bottom trousers, bell bottom jeggings or plazzos. Here, I am wearing the same Little Black Dress with a pair of capri from Puma.

These are few ways in which I Style My Little Black Dress and you can try it too. You can also  Also let me know how do you prefer Style Your Little Black Dress in the comment section. Share this article with others to share styling tips with them too.

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