Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder with SPF 40/PA+++

Have you ever wondered how does makeup artists get that flawless makeup look? The best key to have a flawless makeup look is to set the makeup with a powder. Majority of people set their makeup with a compact powder so that it lasts for longer hours. Compact powder is a semi-solid powder that adds a light texture onto the skin if applied directly. It is good to use for your every day look, if you don't want to use foundation on daily basis. Basically, compact powders are applied on top of the foundation so that the foundation sets on your face and gives a crease-less look. Currently, I am using Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder that has SPF 40/PA+++. It is perfect for every day look as it has sunscreen protection, so it protects my face from harmful rays of the sun too.

About Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder
Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder is a long wear compact that adds a silky smooth texture to the face after application. The compact has four shades, which match the Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Foundation shades.
Jaquline USA Compact Powder Application

1. Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder is light-weight and gives natural look on the face.
2. Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder is paraben free, oil free and hypoallergenic.
3. The compact powder is suitable for all skin types, even for people with sensitive skin types (Like Me).
4. The compact powder has SPF 40 with PA+++ which makes it ideal to be used while stepping out in the sun.
5. The compact powder gives medium to full coverage, depending upon the application.
6. The compact powder easily blends into the skin, giving a silky smooth finish on the face.
7. The compact powder works well to hide imperfections when used with a foundation.
8. The compact powder stays on for long hours, except for humid weather where the staying power is little less than normal.

Packaging, Price and Availability
Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder comes in a nice packaging. The outer box is made up of paper which has all the information about the product.
Jaquline USA Compact Powder Packaging

As you open the box, you would find the compact powder kept between a foam layer. The compact powder comes in a round black container with a glass top. The compact powder is good enough to fit in your purse easily.
Jaquline USA Compact Powder Foam Layer

As you open the top of the compact powder, you would find a protective layer (which you need to remove). The compact powder is there on the top layer in semi-solid state.
Jaquline USA Compact Powder Protective Layer

Once you lift the top layer, you will find the powder puff and a mirror beneath it. You can use the mirror while applying the compact powder to get perfect look. The powder puff is soft and good for application of the compact powder. You can easily wash it after every use to keep it healthy and hygienic.
Jaquline USA Compact Powder Puff

Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder is easily available on Flipkart, Amazon and NewU Dabur stores (PAN India). It is priced at Rs. 449/- for 9 grams of quantity. It has a shelf life of two years, but you should use it within 6-8 months after opening.

Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder Texture and Shades
The compact powder has soft, light-weight texture that gives a silky finish once applied. The compact powder blends well with the skin, giving a natural look. It forms an even tone layer on the skin and hides the imperfections after application.
Jaquline USA Compact Powder Swatches on Face

Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder has 4 shades:

01 Ivory : This shade is perfect for people with fair skin tone.
Jaquline USA Compact Powder 01 Ivory

02 Beige : This shade is perfect for people with medium to fair skin tones.
Jaquline USA Compact Powder 02 Beige

03 Sand : This shade is perfect for people with medium to little dark skin tones.
Jaquline USA Compact Powder 03 Sand

04 Tan : This shade is perfect for people with darker skin tones.
Jaquline USA Compact Powder 04 Tan

My Experience
Jaquline USA have been one of my favourite brand for makeup and nail enamels. I have used their primer, foundation, lippies and nail paints and I like them. Recently, I tried their new launch of Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder. I have been using them for about one month now and I have tested the compact powder in different conditions.

Test 1 : I tried (combination to oily skin type) the Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder before the monsoon season started. I applied it just after the sunscreen for every day look. The first application of the compact powder made me happy as it blended well into the skin within few seconds and gave a nice finish on my face. The compact powder is light-weight, so I couldn't feel it after application and it wasn't visible or cakey on my face. It went well for 7-8 hours that day and kept the T-zone oil free. My friend having normal to dry skin type tried to and it kept her skin moisturised and healthy for 7-8 hours too.

Test 2 : I tried (combination to oily skin type) the Jaquline USA perfect FIX Compact Powder with a foundation. I applied Jaquline USA perfect FIX Foundation on my face and then set the foundation with compact powder. Both the products blended well together as I used same shade for both. The makeup look was flawless and it also hid few of the imperfections and gave 80% even tone look. The makeup stayed well for 10 hours. If you are travelling outside in sun or pollution then you would require touch-ups after 6-7 hours. My friend with normal to dry skin type tried it too and she slayed the look for 12 hours.

Test 3 : I tried (combination to oily skin type) the Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder during monsoon season (humid days) to see the effectiveness of the product. I tried it without foundation and it gave a natural look on my face. It absorbed the oil from the T-zone area within few seconds and my face was looking silky smooth. It didn't hid any imperfections but the oil and dullness on my face vanished away within few seconds. Humid days are the worst for people with oily skin types, but Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder made me happy for 5-6 hours. After this time, I required a touch up only over the Tzone area. My friend with normal to dry skin type also tried it and it went well for 7-8 hours for her.

Tip : Use a face mask once a week to take care of your skin well in humid weather. It makes your skin smooth and makeup looks flawless.

Test 4 : I tried (combination to oily skin type) the Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder during humid days with the foundation. It gave a flawless look once the makeup was set. The look stayed well for 6 hours, after that I required a touch up only over the T-zone area and the look was ready to slay for another 4 hours now. My friend with normal to dry skin type also tried it and it went well for 10 hours for her look.

After these tests, I give a thumbs up to Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder because it does a good job and gives silky smooth finish to the face. You don't need touch-ups during winter and summer season but during monsoon humid days one (oily skin types) would require touch-ups after 6 hours. This compact is perfect for people with normal and dry skin types too, irrespective of any season.

Tip : Using a primer beneath the makeup look enhances the staying powder and look of the compact powder.

I would rate Jaquline USA Perfect FIX Compact Powder as 4.5/5. I wish that they launch few more shades in their foundation and compact powder range. This compact powder is a must try for every women with different skin types. It would become your every day favourite compact powder for sure.
Jaquline USA Compact Powder Pinterest

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Amrit Kaur (Amy)

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