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While searching for good quality products for skin and hair, many people get convinced by attractive marketing advertisements. But have you ever thought that are those products safe for your skin and hair? Every product that is available in the market is not safe to use. We all should check the ingredients, claims and certifications before buying a product. It is necessary for all of us to make a change and start using Natural and Organic Products.

Why are Natural and Organic Products safe to use? Natural and Organic Products are free from harsh chemicals that are not good for the long run. Natural and Organic Products contains ingredients that are directly derived from the source. They don't go through heavily process that makes the products harmful for our body. Natural and Organic Products doesn't cause irritation to our skin and hair (accept for the fact if you are allergic to any ingredient). Not only this, Natural and Organic Products (specially products like sprays, prefumes, mists, etcc.) are good for the environment too because they don't release harmful particles in the environment. Even the waste product derived from Natural and Organic Products is free from chemicals and easily biodegradable (majority of them), hence, the environment stays safe for our living. So, are you making a change by using Natural and Organic products?
About Natures Butter by Shree
Natures Butter by Shree is homegrown brand by Jayshree Vaswani. Jayshree Vaswani worked hard to plan and curate products that are natural and made of organic ingredients. On 15th March 2018, she launched her brand, 'Natures Butter by Shree'. The brand name itself tells a lot about this venture. Natures Butter by Shree is a pure island that curates natural, organic, handmade and luxurious products for the people around the world. The best part of the products is that Jayshree herself searches for the best ingredients, imports them (if needed), curates upon her formula, tests the efficiency and then releases them in the market for her customers. What else can you ask for?

Natures Butter by Shree products are healthy and safe to use by everyone. The brand offers best quality products at affordable prices for people to enjoy luxurious skincare and see positive results within 15-20 days. Jayshree started by selling Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Handmade Soap and Delicious Chocolate Mask. As she got good response, so she worked hard to curate more products for the people. At present, she has different products in skincare, haircare, lip care and bodycare range like serums, masks, soaps, scrubs, face wash, body wash, lip balms, gels, oils, etc.

You can message Natures Butter by Shree on their Instagram @naturesbutter_byshree or contact them at +91 9016126298 for more information about their products.

Let's talk about Natures Butter by Shree products now!

Face Care
Being an oily skin type, I had acne in my teenage, which left few marks on my cheeks. When I consulted with Jayshree, she suggested me to try Natures Butter by Shree Acne Face Cream and see the results. Natures Butter by Shree Acne Face Cream works well on active acne as well as acne spots or marks.

1. Natures Butter by Shree Acne Face Cream is 100% natural.
2. Natures Butter by Shree Acne Face Cream is made up of organic ingredients which have a lot of benefits for every skin type.
3. It is light-weight, non-greasy and easy to massage onto the skin.
4. It is best suited for combination, oily and acne prone skin types.
5. It helps to fade away pigmentation, reduce wrinkles, firm skin, reduce dark circles (under eyes) and reduces active acne and acne marks.

Packaging, Texture and Price
Natures Butter by Shree Acne Face Cream comes in a transparent tub pack of 50 grams. This is a travel-friendly tub and is secured well with a lid to avoid leakage.

I totally love the mint colour of Natures Butter by Shree Acne Face Cream. It is a very light-weight cream that has a consistency similar to a lotion.

This cream is easy to apply on every skin type. As you massage for few minutes, it epentrates into the skin's layer and makes skin soft, hydrated and shining.

It can be used under a sunscreen to protect your skin from damage. You can also use it as a makeup base because it moisturises skin well and keeps makeup intact for extra hours. This 50 grams tub is priced at Rs. 400/- with shelf life of 18 months and it would go well for 1.5-2 months (if you use it twice a day.)


Neem : It treats dry skin, acne and fades away scars. It is anti-fungal, so suits sensitive skin types.
Manjistha : It reduces uneven pigmentation, improves complexion and makes skin's health better.
Fenugreek : It exfoliates and cleans skin, making it appear moisturises and glowing. It also helps to cure acne.
Lemon Peel : It adds a glow to the skin, making it clear and soft. It also removes dead skin cells and stimulates new skin growth.
Papaya : It is a good ingredient to clear pigmentation, remove tan and treat skin blemishes and acne.
Arnica : It is anti-flammatory and anti-bacterial ingredient that heals skin and reduces redness.
Calendula : It is an antiseptic ingredien that treates wounds and prevent acne from occuring. It also helps in collagen production and helps to retain moisture.
Basil : It helps to clear out the skin by removing toxins when mixed with other ingredients.
Chamomile : It is hypoallergenic and reduces skin irritation or any reaction that may occur due to active acne or other skin issues.
Orange : It has hight content of citric acid which is good to exfoliate skin and dry out acne, leaving clean and clear skin.
Turmeric : It is a natural antiseptic that heals the acne, without leaving marks or spots.
Green Tea : It prevent skin damage and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Tea Tree Essential Oil : It soothes the skin, reduces swelling or redness and protect sensitive skin areas.

My Experience
I started using Natures Butter by Shree Acne Face Cream in humid weather, so I was happy to know that the cream has a texture like a lotion. Being oily skin type, I prefer using light-weight creams as they are non-greasy and doesn't give a heavy look on the skin. As this cream has natural and organic ingredients, so the fragrance is natural and it fades away as the cream penetrates into the skin. 

I have used this for 15 days and one thing is consistent that it keeps the skin moisturised for the entire day. I use it as a cream and makeup base in the morning. At night, I use it as a sleeping cream so that the natural and organic ingredients repair my skin overnight. I have seen the acne scars fading away after 10 days of usage. And I hope that within few months the scars fade away completely.

Tip : As Natures Butter by Shree Acne Face Cream has ingredients that are good for fading away pigmentation, so you can use it for others dark areas as well like elbows, nec k, knees and underarms. You would be able to see visible results within 15 days (for full results, keep using it and see the magic).

Hair Care
Monsoon weather makes hair frizzy, so it is necessary to condition hair well. For this weather, hair serums work well to keep the frizz away and maintain the health of hair. Natures Butter by Shree Alo Argan Hair Serum has been my favourite since the first usage. When I used it for the first time, I could see difference in my hair. Natures Butter by Shree Hair Alo Argan Hair Serum is non-sticky and conditions hair well.

1. Natures Butter by Shree Alo Argan Hair Serum is made up of 100% natural and organic ingredients.
2. Natures Butter by Shree Alo Argan Hair Serum is suitable for all hair types.
3. This hair serum can be used on wet hair, half dried hair or dried hair.
4. This hair serum is light-weight and non-greasy. It makes hair soft and smooth.
5. This hair serum can be used by men as well as women.

Packaging, Texture and Price
Natures Butter by Shree Alo Argan Hair Serum comes in a tall bottle of 100 ml. The bottle is transparent and leak-proof.

The texture of the hair serum is thin and watery. It isn't thick, which is a good point, because it spreads well into the hair strands and too much of product is not needed for one application.

As you take few drops of hair serum on your palm, rub it and then apply (don't rub, just press on your hair) over the hair strands, it spreads evenly and makes hair soft and shiny instantly.

One bottle of 100 ml goes long way. It is priced at Rs. 300 and has a shelf life of 18 months.


Argan Oil : It is one of the best ingredient to provide hydration and softness to hair. It brings back the life of the hair and fades away the dullness.
Cucumber Oil: It helps to reduce hairfall and makes hair grow better and faster.
Walnut Oil : It helps to fight against dandruff and hair loss. It strengthens the roots and helps to get relief fro itchy scalp.
Almond Oil : It nourishes and strengthens hair. It also helps to reduce damaged hair and makes them healthy.
Aloe Vera : It is one of the best conditioner for hair, promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff and makes hair better with every use.
Vitamin E : It adds to the health of the hair and maintains hair growth by reducing hairfall. It also adds nutrients to hair and reduces hair breakage.

My Experience
The day, I got this pacakge, I had washed my hair so I tried the hair serum. I applied it over half dried hair and then combed so that the serum spreads evenly into the hair. My hair was soft, smooth, straight and manageable instantly. For the next few days, the hair was still soft and smooth, but as I have wavy hair so they weren't too straight. I reapplied the serum, blow dried for few minutes and my hair was straight again. I also noticed increase in hair volume and decrease in hairfall after using it for two weeks (used it 6 times in 15 days).

You can also use this hair serum before you style your hair with heat. It protect hair from the damage. I have used the hair serum in different conditions:
Wet Hair : It conditions the hair well, leaves it tangle-free after drying.
Half Dried Hair : It conditions the hair well, detangles and keeps them soft.
Dried Hair : It instantly makes dry or frizzy hair soft and smooth. The hair are detangled and also gain volume.

Lip Care
Do you know our lips require so extra care too? Natures Butter by Shree has natural and organic lip care products that provide nourishment to your lips and makes them soft, glossy and plump. I am using Natures Butter by Shree Chocolate Lip Scrub and Lip Balm.

1. Natures Butter by Shree Chocolate Lip Scrub and Lip Balm are made up of 100% natural and organic ingredients.
2. The lip scrub exfoliates the lips and makes them soft.
3. The lip balm provide enough moisture to the lips, making them look pink and plump.
4. This lip combo is best for people who have dry and chapped lips.
5. These products can be used by men as well as women.

Packaging, Texture and Price
Natures Butter by Shree Chocolate Lip Scrub and Lip Balm comes in separate small glass tubs, which keeps the ingredients fresh.

Natures Butter by Shree Chocolate Lip Scrub has sugar granules coated with chocolate. The scrub is gentle on the lips and exfoliates them well. Natures Butter by Shree Chocolate Lip Balm has thick texture that melts as it is spread onto the lips and leaves them moisturised.

This lip care combo should be used at least thrice a week. You can use the lip balm every day to keep lips soft and pink. Natures Butter by Shree Chocolate Lip Scrub is priced at Rs. 200/- while the Lip Balm is priced at Rs. 140/- (they have orange and rose variant lip balms too). This combo would last for 1-2 months, depending on your usage.

Natures Butter by Shree Lip Scrub contains:
Brown Sugar : It is a gentle ingredient that helps to exfoliate lips and remove dead cells from the outer layer.
Chocolate Extracts : It keeps your lips healthy and removes the dead celss, allowing your lips to look smooth and fresh.

Natures Butter by Shree Lip Balm contains:
Shea Butter : It provides enough moisture and protects your lips from getting dry. It also keep the lips moisturised for the entire day and makes them look healthy.
Chocolate Extracts : It has caffeine content that tones, lightens and makes your lips soft and plump.

My Experience
I love lip care products that are made of chocolate. When I first tried the lip scrub then I felt like eating it because the fragrance of brown sugar and chocolate makes a great combination. Natures Butter by Shree Chocolate Lip Scrub is gentle on the lips. A little product goes well to exfoliate upper and lower lips. While scrubbing, I feel that dryness fades away and lips become smooth and soft. 

Once Natures Butter by Shree Chocolate Lip Scrub is applied, the lips look smooth, plump and moisturised. The mild fragrance of chocolate stays for few hours and it calms the senses too. The lip balm melts easily as it comes in contact with lips. This lip care combo has been my favourite now.

Tip : Take the scrub and rub it between fngers for 3-4 seconds and then use it on lips. It gets warmed up and scrub effectively. Same can be done with lip balm too - warm it between fingers or the back of the hand and then apply onto the lips.

I would recommend the products 4.8/5. I highly recommend Natures Butter by Shree products because they are natural and organic. The products work within 15-20 days as Jayshree claims.

You can try from their face care, hair care, lip care or body care. Price range starts from Rs. 140/-. Do leave a comment below sharing your view on the products. Also share the article with others to spread the news.

Thank you!
Amrit Kaur
Lifestyle Blogger, Delhi
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