Tarot Card Reading with Siimarr's Elixir | How is it done? How was my experience - good or bad?

What comes in your mind when you first think about TAROT CARD READING? I am sure, you would relate it to readings done with cards. Well, you are partially right because Tarot Card Readings are done on the basis of card predictions. Tarot Card Readings doesn't predict your future, but they guide you through a path that leads to your goals. These readings help you to make a wiser decision for a situation in your life. The most important thing, while you get your Tarot Card Readings done, is that you need to believe in Tarot Readings and Yourself. If you don't have belief or faith in these two then you won't be satisfied with the Tarot Card Readings. So, it is necessary to believe in what you do.
Now, you would be thinking that how are these readings done? You need to look for a Tarot Card Reader and schedule a session with them over a call or personally. There are two types of Tarot Card Readings - Based on Questions and Open Reading. If you opt for Question Readings then you need to ask questions from the Tarot Card Reader and he/she would predict the answer for them. In Open Readings, you don't need to ask questions specifically. You can talk about a situation or phase of life and get readings done about it.

Before the Tarot Card Reading starts, the Tarot Card Reader shuffles and charges the cards for a new session. Once you ask a question, the Tarot Card Reader shuffles the cards, cuts the deck and spreads the cards in a pattern. Then the Tarot Card Reader interprets the cards and predicts the answer for the question asked.

My Experience
Two weeks back, I came in contact with Siimar Chandhok, an Internationally acclaimed Healer, Tarot Card Reader, Certified Counseling Psychologist, Life Coach and a Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHI, USA). She has an experience of many years in EFt, Reiki Healing, Intuitive Guidance, Crystal Therapy, Bach Flower Remedy, Tarot Reading, Knot Manifestation, Pendulum Dowsing and Numerology. While our conversation started, we spoke about Tarot Card Reading and Crystal Healing. As I believe in Tarot Card Readings, so Siimar offered me a session for 1 hour (30 minutes session for Rs. 2100/- and 60 minutes session for Rs. 3100/- both include remedies for the issues).

Siimar is an experienced Tarot Card Reader with a kind soul. She was born to heal others as since childhood she could intuitively tell truth about people and their impending problems. At the age of 10, she was introduced to Reiki Healing and started her journey to heal people around the world. All her sessions are packed with Counseling, Insights about them and Finding the root cause behind the stated issue. Later, she also suggest remedies to overcome the issues and live a happy life.

To book a wonderful session with Siimar, kindly call or whatsapp at 9873626861.
You can also mail her at siimar.lifedesigner@gmail.com.

As my session started, she asked me few questions:
My Full Name
My Date of Birth
My Phone number
She started with Mobile Number Ananlysis. This is unique as very few reader do Mobile Number Analysis. She told me about my personality and current mood, along with few good things about my mobile number. :-)

Next, she shuffled the cards and I asked my first question about my career life. She predicted the present and future for next two years. She also guided me with the right choice and path for career. I was satisfied with this answer because I knew that results would take some time but I would get fruitful results. Further, I asked her about my life, home, mother and brother. She answered all the questions well and told me the reasons behind bad phase of life. While reading the cards, she connected the questions and situations to guide and predict the real reasons behind everything going in my and my family's life.

In the end, she told few remedies (Which I can follow). As I am a Sikh, so she gave me remedies according to my religion like:
Drink Amrit (Holy Water)
Do Paath (Read Religious Readings)
Write Affirmations
Using Incenses

Siimar also make customised healing bracelets, Wealth kits, Relationship healing kits, Negativity removal kits, Moving abroad kits, etc. starting from the price of Rs. 1500/-.
She also has pack of energised incenses for Better Business, Money Mist, Black Magic Removal, Removal of Blockages, Marriage and Commitment for Rs. 125/- per pack (8 incenses in one pack).

I have been following her recommendations since then and I can see positive changes in my life and family. The negative vibes are going away and we all are feeling positive these days. Even few blockages in our life have been cleared. We are hoping to get all hurdles cleared with time and live a happy and positive life.

Siimar was polite and dedicated during the entire session. She heard every question and gave enough time to give an ellaborate answer along with a remedy to sort the current situation. After the session I was feeling very light and positive. It felt like God has shown us a path to work upon, there is a hope of ray for the doors to open and the coming years would be filled with happiness, love and abundance.

I am totally satisfied with her Tarot Card Reading session and I would soon be getting another one done. If you are stressed or stuck at a point of life then you should get Tarot Card Reading done. If you are clueless what's happening in your life or you are planning something for future then contact Siimar Chandhok for a Tarot Card Reading session and make a wiser decision in life.

I hope you got to know about Tarot Card Reading session through this blog. If you have any queries about it then drop a comment below. Also let me know if you have got a session done before and how was your experience. Share the blog with others to spread the information about Tarot Card Reading.

Thank you!
Amrit Kaur
Lifestyle Blogger, Delhi
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    Utpal Khot


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