Who doesn't wish to have smooth and spotless skin? Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil fulfills your wish to have even tone and spotless skin. Nature Sure believes in providing ancient beauty secrets through their products that enhances natural beauty. Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil is a skin rejuvenator that makes skin better with every usage.
Why Use Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil?
Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil is made up of 100% pure and cold-pressed oil extracted from Moringa oleifera. Moringa olifeira's is packed with Vitamin A, B, C, D, E; calcium, fatty acids, high-value minerals, antioxidants, iron, zinc, magnesium and amino acids that make it beneficial for skin.

1. Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil a powerful cleaning agent that helps to clear skin. It fades away blemishes, repairs skin cells and reduces dark circles.
2. Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil is used to soften and smoothen skin. It has the tendency to delay signs of ageing and reduce fine lines.
3. It unclog pores and deep cleans them, leaving skin visibly clean and clear.
4. It helps in healing skin blemishes like stretch marks.
5. It is rich in keratin and collagen which gives flexibility and softness to skin. It repairs skin tissues and makes skin youthful.
6. It is rich in anti-oxidant and protects skin from environmental pollutants.
7. It controls the occurrence of acne, reduces scars and combats blemishes.
8. It also acts as a natural sunscreen and protects your skin from harmful UV rays.
9. Being an oil, it has moisturising properties that keep skin hydrated for long hours.
10. Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil can also be used on minor cuts, burns and rashes with cotton to heal them.

Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil
Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil is a treasure of healthy nutrients that repairs and maintains good health of skin. This oil has high concentration of Behenic acid that helps in quick absorption of nutrients into the skin.

1. It is 100% pure and natural cold-pressed oil.
2. It is enriched with 80 powerful antioxidants or anti-inflammatory compounds.
3. It absorbs well into the skin and leaves skin hydrated for longer hours.
4. It has high content of Vitamins that improves the elasticity of skin.
5. It can be used by men as well as women.

Packaging, Texture and Colour
Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil has paper outer packaging with product information on it. Inside there is a bottle with flip top that is sealed well to avoid leakage of oil.

Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil is light-weight and yellowish in colour. As you apply few drops of oil on your hand or cotton pad then you would get a strong fragrance. This oil is cold-pressed so it has natural fragrance that fades away within few minutes.

100% pure and cold-pressed oil extracted from Moringa oleifera

Price and Availability
Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil is available at Nature Sure website and Amazon. One 100 ml of bottle is priced at Rs. 1379/- (Look for special discount on website or Amazon) and has a shelf life of 3 years. One bottle is good enough for at least two months. Once you open the bottle then use it within 6 months.

My Experience
I have few acne spots and pigmentation so I tried Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil to test the claims. When I opened the bottle for the first time then I could see that it is natural, cold-pressed oil as the fragrance was strong. I applied few drops on my fingers and then massaged well onto my skin. For the first time, I tried it on my arm to patch test and it did not react (Always patch test before regular use). As I started using it on my face, I noticed that the strong fragrance vanished away within few minutes. So I adjusted well with it. One bottle lasted me for three months as I used it during my night time routine only.

Nature Sure Pored and Marks Oil is light-weight and non-greasy. It takes few minutes (massage well) to penetrate into the skin. You can use it with Facial Rollers to enhance the benefits onto your skin. For first two weeks, I could not notice any results but I continues the usage as long terms results take time. As I crossed 25 days of usage, I could see visible results on pigmented areas. The pigmented areas were becoming light and would soon help in even skin tone. I could not see visible results in lightening of acne spots but the pores shrinked (Pores don't close or open they appear to be shrinked or enlarged) and they were clean. After two months, I could notice that my skin didn't had a lot of blackheads and appeared to be cleaner.

My three months experience with Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil is good. I would recommend the product to people who are fed up of skin spots or blemishes. But remember to have patience for the results and use it every day.

I would rate Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil as 4/5 (1 mark deducted for the strong smell as it might be issue for people who are sensitive towards strong fragrances). Overall, this is a worth buying product as it is natural, pure and works over skin issues with regular usage.

I hope you like the article and added enough knowledge to your brain. If you liked the article on Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil then leave a comment below and share it further to spread the word.

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Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that is necessary for our body. It is part of Vitamin B family and was earlier known as Vitamin H. Biotin is necessary component that helps our body to convert food into energy. Not only this, Biotin is important for good health of our eyes, skin, hair, liver and nervous system.
From where does our body get Biotin? Those who intake healthy balanced diet every day get sufficient amount of Biotin from their meals. Foods like egg yolk, cheese, legumes (soybean, etc.), leafy green vegetables, cauliflower, mushroom, organ meat, nut butters,  and nuts are good source of Biotin. But large percentage of population is not able to have healthy balanced diet every day due to various reasons like different food preferences, busy schedule, lack of knowledge, lack of resources, etc. So, how can they get adequate amount of Biotin? They can get adequate amount of Biotin by adding Biotin Health Supplements in their every day routine. Recently, Satthwa launched their 10,000 mcg Biotin Health Supplement with Zinc for Skin, Hair & Nails.

Why is Biotin Beneficial?
Biotin is necessary for various metabolic reactions in our body. As it is water-soluble vitamin, so it is regularly flushed out of the body. Hence, Biotin has to be included in your every day diet. Let's read further to know why Biotin is beneficial.

1. Boosts Metabolism
Biotin acts as an accelerator for controlling metabolic reactions of our body. It helps to provide energy from the metabolism of nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, etc. and synthesis of fatty acids. These processes helps our body to work properly and stay fit.

2. Maintains Muscle Tissues
Biotin is necessary for the growth of muscle tissues. It maintains and repaurs the muscle tissues in case of damage and insures. It also looks after the proper functioning of nervous system tissues and the growth of bone marrow. Deficiency of Biotin can lead to tensing of muscles, weakness of muscles, increased changes of nerve damages and other related problems.

3. Maintains Heart and Weight
If you are reducing your weight then you should include food sources that are rich in Biotin. Biotin boosts the metabolism, which in turn leads to more physical activity and reduction in weight over a period of time. Biotin is also helpful for the proper functioning of heart as it reduces the level of cholesterol and keeps your heart health.

4. Nourishes Skin
Biotin produces fatty acids that are good for the nourishment of our skin. It assists in the production of new cells, maintenance of oilds glands and betterment of dry skin. Regular intake of Biotin-rich diet or Biotin Healthy Supplements makes skin healthy and maintains even skin tone.

5. Improves Hair Strength
Our hair is mostly comprised of keratin that keeps them strong and healthy. Biotin is known to improve hair's health when taken for a period of 3-4 months along with zinc and Vitamin C. Many of us face problems like thin hair, hairfall, split ends and decreased hair growth, intake of Biotin helps to solves these problems over a period of time.

6. Makes Nails Stronger
Biotin maintains the growth and health of nails. Intake of Biotin rich-foods or capsules makes your nails thicker, stronger and shiny. Those who bite their nails or have weak nails should intake Biotin every day to make their them healthy.

Satthwa Biotin Health Supplement
Satthwa Biotin Health Supplement is enriched with Zinc that plays an important role in maintaining the health of skin, hair and nails.

1. Satthwa Biotin Health Supplement is 100% vegetarian and gluten-free.
2. Satthwa Biotin Health Supplement contains 10 mg of Biotin and 3 mg of Zinc in each capsule, which is sufficient for daily dose.
3. Regular usage of Biotin Health Supplement improves skin problems and reduces hairfall.
4. Biotin Health Supplement is very good for maintaining healthy nails.
5. These capsules can be taken by men as well as women (above the age of 18 years old).

* If you are on medication (or pregnant, nursing and lactating women) then do consult with your doctor before taking Biotin Health Supplement.

Packaging and Capsules
Satthwa biotin Health Supplement comes in a bottle that has flip top to take out capsule easily. The bottle comes with a protective layer when opening for first time.

The capsules are white in colour and contains powder inside them (which can be seen in light). Each bottle contains 90 veg capsules.

Biotin (Vitamin B7), Zinc Glycinate, Veg Capsule Shell (HPMC) (INS 464), Microcrsytalline Cellulose (INS 460 (i) & Silicon Di-oxide (INS 551)

Price and Availability
Satthwa Biotin Health Supplement is priced at Rs. 899/- (90 veg capsules) that can be purchased from Satthwa website and Amazon. It comes with a shelf life of 22 months, but once opened it should be consumed within 6 months.

My Experience
Last year I experienced excessive hairfall and weaker nails, this is when I got to know about Biotin capsules and started taking them. It has been 11 months that I have taken Biotin Health Supplements (Not regular, but on and off) and I have seen improvement in skin, hair and nails. Recently, Satthwa launched 10 mg Biotin Health Supplement and I wanted to try them. (Also read Satthwa Hair Shampoo Review). Satthwa is a natural brand that curated products with nadvanced formulation that is safe and beneficial for consumers. It has been three weeks that I am having Satthwa Biotin Health Supplements and I can say that they work well to add goodness to skin, hair and nails.

Satthwa Biotin Health Supplement comes in a travel-friendly packaging that is easy to carry along. The bottle is air-tight, so it keeps capsules safe in it. I take one capsule every day with my breakfast (as supplements work well when taken with breakfast). I would recommend these capsules as they are vegetarian and can be taken by vegetarians, non-vegetarians and vegan people.

Dosage : Take one capsule (10 mg) every day with morning meal.
Storage : Keep them in dry and cool place.

You should add Biotin Health Supplement in your daily routine, but don't substitute your diet with these capsules. It is necessary to have healthy balanced diet every day as alone capsules can't do wonders on your skin, hair and nails. I have improved my diet while intaking Biotin Health Supplements (on and off). I am also regular with skincare and nailcare routine, which adds to better results along with health supplement. I have also shifted to using natural and organic haircare products (since 4 months) for healthy hair. So, you should be regular with skincare, haircare and nailcare also while taking Biotin Health Supplement. You can have these supplements for 3 months and then take a break of 2-3 months and start again when needed.

I would rate Satthwa Biotin Health Supplements as 4.8/5. These are vegetarian capsules and contain adequate amount of Biotin. You should include them in your daily diet to enhance the health of skin, hair and nails.

If you have any queries regarding Satthwa Biotin Health Supplements then let me know in the comments below. Also share this article further to spread the awareness among others.

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Recently, I was invited by Themis Barbecue House for lunch to try their special Buffet Menu. Themis Barbecue House is located at 251, Second Floor, Aggarwal Millenium Tower B, Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi. The restaurant is well located on the second floor which is visible from the main road as well. It is well connected with public transport and is situated opposite Netaji Subhash Place Metro Station and Dilli Haat, Pitampura.
Themis Barbecue House has beautiful ambience indoors as well as outdoors. As you reach the place, there is a big door behind which lies a nice experience of food, drinks and live music. The indoor area has dim settings to light up your dine in experience while the outdoor area is opened from two sides and is well lit with natural light. The indoor area has beautiful walls with quirky art and rustic wooden interiors. The outdoor area is beautifully designed with rustic American wood and beautiful lamp shades

My Experience : The indoor area is good to settle for a private lunch with family or a beautiful date with your loved ones (along with live music). The outdoor area is good for everyone, specially for those who don't like to hear loud music or want to enjoy food and drinks with a beautiful sky view.

Why Visit Themis Barbecue House?
Themis Barbecue House is a good place for your birthday or anniversary parties (lunch or dinner), Kitty Parties, Personal Lunch or Dinner or Catching Up with Friends. It opens at 11:30 am and closes at 11:30 pm (5-6:30 pm it remains closed).

My Experience : You should visit this place after 12 noon. At lunch time, the indoor seating almost gets filled while the outdoor space is half filled due to hot sun (outdoors would be best for evening time in summers and morning time in winters).

What Themis Barbecue House Offers in Buffet?
Themis Barbecue House buffet menu has vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options. It offers Unlimited Barbecue Buffet with one round of Soft Drink. If you are a hard drink lover then you can opt for one round of Beer or Vodka or Mocktail in buffet. You can enjoy buffet at lunch or dinner:

1. Veg Lunch Buffet is available from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm
Rs. 500/- + taxes (Mon-Fri)
Rs. 550/- + taxes (Sat)
Rs. 600/- + taxes (Sun)

2. Non-Veg Lunch Buffet is available from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm
Rs. 600/- + taxes (Mon-Fri)
Rs. 650/- + taxes (Sat)
Rs. 700/- + taxes (Sun)

3. Veg Dinner Buffet is available from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Rs. 750/- + taxes (Mon-Thu)
Rs. 850/- + taxes (Fri-Sun)

4. Non-Veg Dinner Buffet is available from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Rs. 850/- + taxes (Mon-Thu)
Rs. 950/- + taxes (Fri-Sun)

5. Ladies Kitty Lunch Deal is available from 11:30 pm to 4:30 pm (with unlimited soft drinks)
Rs. 449/- + taxes (Mon-Fri)

*prices tend to change with time, so kindly confirm with the restaurant before booking

Buffet Menu
Veg Tomato Soup
Non-Veg Chicken Manchaw Soup

Main Course Veg
Dal Makhani
Paneer Khurchan
Palak Khumb
Kadhi Pakora
Dal Tadka
Golden Mix Veg Pulao
Singapuri Noodles
Assorted Vegetable Hot Garlic

Main Course Non-Veg
Mutton Rogan Josh
Kadai Chicken
Ginger Sauce Fish

Veg Salads
Lemon Dressing Fusilli Pasta Salad
Garden Fresh Salad
Caesar Salad
Vinegar Onions
Cor & Peanut Masala
Mix Veg Raita
Aloo Chana Chaat
Dahi (Curd)

Non-Veg Salads
Cold Grilled Fish
Chicken Chettinad Salad

Angoori Gulab Jamun
Beetroot Ka Halwa
Hot Chocolate Brownie
Ice Cream
Fresh Fruits
Kesari Pheerni
Besan Ke Laddoo
Lemonade Tart

*few dishes might change in the menu, subject to availability

My Experience About Buffet Menu
The Buffet Menu was served hot at one corner of the location. The vegetarian and non-vegetarians items were kept separately (I liked this fact because few vegetarians don't like if both dishes are mixed). The soup was hot and served in a soup bowl while the salads were presented well in their respective plates along with seasonings.

The main course dishes were kept covered in hot pots along with separate serving spoon for each. Being a vegetarian, I served Dal Makhani, Paneer, Veg Pulao and Noodles in my plate. The waiters were standing near the place to ask for breads, so I ordered for Butter Naan.The noodles were cooked well with enough vegetables (I rarely like noodles from everywhere and I loved which were served at Themis Barbecue House) and I liked the taste.

Dal Makhani and Paneer was cooked well, keeping in mind the typical punjabi recipe. Butter Naan came hot with shining butter in a basket. I must say that each piece of butter naan was soft till the last bite.

Not to miss their dessert section, which had a huge variety of dishes to select from. I selected a pastry, few fruits, brownie, beetroot ka halwa, angoori gulab jamun, zupzups, besan ke laddoo and lemon tart. You won't belive that it was first time that I ate beetroot ka halwa and it tasted so well. Every dessert item was delicious, specially the brownie, halwa, tart and smal laddoos.

Every meal is incomplete without a drink, so I double clicked on the button. By the way, you don't need to call the waiters by calling them out, just double click the button on your table and they would be there at your service. 

I ordered for Virgin Mojito and it came presented well in a tall glass. I enjoyed every sip of Virgin Mojito as it was made as per my taste.

I would rate 4.5/5 to Themis Barbecue House as my experience was nice. If you are looking for a decent place to visit with family or friends then you should visit Themis Barbecue House, Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi and enjoy the experience.

If you want to book Buffet at Themis Barbecue House then call at 9599100165 for reservation or any other query. I hope you liked this article. If you have any query then drop a comment below. Also share the article with your family and friends to spread the word.

Thank You!
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Aloe Vera is one of the oldest plant that is used for its medicinal properties to treat health, skin and hair problems. Aloe Vera is taken in different forms for different problems. For health issues, aloe vera can be taken in the form of leaf (after removing latex nicely), juice, capsules or tablets. For skin and hair issues, aloe vera (You can try Bself Pure Aloe Vera Gel for Skin and Hair) can be taken in the form of juice or gel. It is also mixed along with other ingredients to provide health benefits to our body, skin and hair.
About Bself
Bself is a brand that focuses on providing handpicked and natural products to the consumers. Bself has introduced pure aloe vera gel as their first product and are working on more skincare and haircare products. Bself cautiously extracts handpicked ripe, robust and succulent Aloe Vera that is packed hygienically in the tubs to deliver to their consumers well on time. Let's now read about various benefits and uses of Aloe Vera!

Benefits and Uses of Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is known to be a health ingredient that has many benefits for our body.
1. Popular Medicinal Plant
Aloe Vera is known as one of the best medicinal plant. It is used in different industries like food, cosmetics and pharma to make different products for the consumers. Aloe Vera is a thick, fleshy green plant that grows up to 15 inches in length. Each leaf has slimy tissue that contains enough water to provide hydration to our body, skin and hair. The slimy tissue is the gel which is extracted to make different products.

2. Contains Nutrients
Aloe Vera Gel contains various nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids which are necessary and good for our body, skin and hair. These nutrients prevent the growth of certain bacteria in human body which cause infections. If you take aloe vera every day then your body would be healthier and free from harmful toxins and bacterias.

Usage : Mix aloe vera juice in 1 glass of warm water and take in every morning on empty stomach. This will make you healthy and will also help in weight management.

3. Moisturises Skin Well
Aloe Vera is your skin's best friend when it comes to hydrating skin. Aloe Vera has hydration properties which makes it a good ingredient to moisturise skin well. It contains 98% water content and 2% of other nutrients which keep your skin soft and supple. I am using Bself Pure Aloe Vera as a skin moisturiser and it keeps my skin hydrated for good 6-7 hours. Now-a-days, it is humid weather, so it is necessary to cleanse face and moisturise again after 6-7 hours.

Usage : Apply pure aloe vera directly onto the skin as a moisturiser. You can use it on face, neck, arms, hands, legs and feet too. Make sure to apply a sunscreen after using aloe vera before going out in the sun. During dry weather conditions, you can apply aloe vera before applying a moisturiser and help your skin retain moisture well.

4. Repairs, Heals and Brightens
Many of us suffer from various skin problems like pigmentation, redness, irritation, fine lines, patchy skin and dullness. The main reasons for these problems are lack of moisture and nutrients in the skin. Aloe Vera helps you to get rid of many skin issues with regular usage. It contains the necessary nutrients and water content, so it repairs the skin. People with sensitive skin types should use aloe vera every day to protect their skin from rashes, redness and irritation. As the skin problems get sorted, skin appears to be brighter and youthful with time.

Usage : You can apply aloe vera as a face mask. Apply thick layer over the face for 15-20 minutes and then wash off. You can also mix aloe vera with 2 drops of essential oil and apply as a moisturiser. It provides moisture as well as locks the moisture for longer period of time.

5. Improves Scalp Health and Boosts Hair Growth
Well, if you have thought that aloe vera is only meant for skin then you are wrong because aloe vera juice or gel can be applied to hair as well. Aloe Vera has enzymes which repair the hair follicles and makes your hair better and boosts hair growth. With regular usage, aloe vera helps to get rid of dryness, itchiness and dandruff problems too (make sure not to apply aloe vera directly on the scalp in cold weather as you might catch cold or a headache). The anti-fungal properties of aloe vera helps to improve the health of your scalp and keep your hair in good condition. If you have oily scalp then it also helps to control excess oil production.

Usage : Mix aloe vera, coconut oil and honey to form a paste. Apply it on the scalp and hair strands. Leave it for 30-40 minutes and then wash off with an organic (or chemical free) shampoo. USe it once a week to see good results within few washes.

6. Best as a After Product
You might be wondering that how can aloe vera be used as a after product! Well, aloe vera has healing properties, so it is one of the best after product to be used after waxing, shaving, cleanup, etc. Men who shave their face should use aloe vera after shaving to soothe the skin and avoid redness or irritation. I use aloe vera after waxing as it soothes my sensitive skin within few minutes and all the irritation vanishes away. You can also use aloe vera on burns (first to second degree only), minor wounds and cut as well. Make sure you apply pure aloe vera only.

Features of Bself Pure Aloe Vera Gel
1. It is pure aloe vera gel that is free from chemicals, added fragrance and added colours.
2. It is light-weight and non-greasy.
3. It can be used on skin as well as hair.
4. It is suitable for all skin and hair types.
5. It can be used by anyone who is above the age of 5 years.

Packaging, Texture and Colour
Bself Pure Aloe Vera Gel comes in a round tub packaging of 200 grams, 300 grams, 400 grams, 600 grams and 900 grams. The plastic tub contains pure aloe vera that is sealed with an aluminium on top covered with a lid.

Bself Pure Aloe Vera Gel has light-weight texture that settles onto the skin easily without making it greasy. As it is pure aloe vera gel so the colour is transparent (it doesn't have added colours).

Price and Availability.
Bself Pure Aloe Vera Gel is priced at Rs. 299/- for 200 grams. You can purchase it from Bself website, Amazon or Flipkart.

My Experience
I love using Aloe Vera Gel on skin and hair because it suits best for sensitive skin types. During winters, aloe vera gel keeps skin hydrated and doesn't leave it dry. In summers and humid weather, aloe vera gel helps to control sebum production around Tzone area.

Two weeks back I was introduced to Bself brand and I started using their aloe vera gel. Bself Aloe Vera Gel is colourless as it is pure. (It contains preservative qs because it is necessary while preparing the gel (otherwise bacteria would grow and gel would get spoiled. The other alternative for preservative is using of high concentrated alchohol which is not at all good for skin.) The gel spreads easily within few seconds and leaves skin soft, shining and youthful. It is not at all sticky, which is a good point for people with oily Tzone.

Usage : I use it as face mask, moisturiser, serum and makeup base. I also mix it with my face packs and moisturiser to get added benefits. I use it at night on my arms, hands, legs and feet to keep them soft and moisturised.

Bself Aloe Vera Gel is safe to use on hair as well. It can be applied on the scalp directly or can be mixed with coconut or almond oil for application before shampoo. Aloe Vera provides moisture and helps to get rid of dirt and impurities that are stuck in the hair or onto the scalp. It treats various hair problems like dryness, itchiness, dandruff, excess oil production and frizz. When applied onto the hair strands, aloe vera provides moisture and reduces dryness over a period of time.

Usage : I use it directly before washing my hair. I also use it in hair masks and as a serum after washing my hair.

I would rate 4.8/5 for Bself Pure Aloe Vera Gel. I would recommend the usage of aloe vera gel for skin and hair to everyone as it is natural and gives good results over a period of time.

I hope you liked the benefits and uses of Bself Pure Aloe Vera Gel that are shared in this article. If you have any other queries then drop a comment below. Also share the article with friends and family to spread the word.

Thank You!
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