Double Dare OMG! Pulling and Peeling Kit from Style Korean Global

One day, one of my friend called me and shared about her skin problems. She was upset with her skin at present, specially few black spots on her T-zone area, chin area and side of cheeks. I heard her issues and got to know what the problem was but still to confirm I invited her to my home. After examining her, I made her understand that those black spots were not really spots. They were blackheads (Try Double Dare OMG! Pulling and Peeling Kit from Style Korean) that were formed over her skin.
Blackheads are black pimples which rise deep from the pores and show up on the surface as black spots. If we steam and exfoliate our skin then we can get rid of blackheads over a period of time. Apart from blackheads, our skin also have whiteheads which are white pimples that stay inside the clogged pores. These grow inside the clogged pores and occasionally come out at the surface. People with combination or oily skin types, face these issues more than those who have normal or dry skin types. Now, the question arises how to reduce their occurrence or get rid of them? Double Dare OMG! Pulling and Peeling Kit from Style Korean Global helps a lot to solve the problem of blackheads and whiteheads.

Double Dare OMG! Pulling and Peeling Kit
It is time to say, "Goodbye, Blackheads!" with Double Dare OMG! Pulling and Peeling Kit. I received this kit as a gift from Style Korean Global. I have been using this since one month and have seen how it shows results and improves the skin with time.

This kit contains 4 products:
Step 1: OMG! Mega Hair Band
This is a cute and comfortable hair band that slip through the forehead and settles on the head, pulling hair back. It can be used while applying skincare of makeup.

Step 2: OMG! Peeling Gel
This is a peeling gel that forms a layer on the skin and starts to form white nodes as you massage in circular motion. It isn't harsh for skin (I have sensitive skin and it suited my skin well) and clears the pores well. It eliminates impurities and dirt that get settled on the skin or inside the pores. It makes your skin ready for pulling out blackheads.

Step 3: OMG! Pulling Gel
This is a gel with strawberry seeds that pulls out the blackheads from the skin. As you apply this gel onto the skin, it feels warm. (Use this over T-zone area and chin area only.) As you massage in circular motions, you still feel the warmth as the gel pulls out the blackheads from the surface and little bit of whiteheads from the clogged pores.

Step 4: I.M.Buddy mini
This is an eco-friendly and flexible cleansing tool that has soft bristles which make exfoliation a better experience. (This has to be used on T-zone but can be used all over face too.) It has 100% food grade silicone bristles on both the sides which are mild on the skin. The shape of the tool makes convenient to scrub around smaller areas over the face. It also works as a acupressure tool if used with right technique and pressure.

1. Double Dare OMG! Kit comes in a box that can be used for further storage purpose.
2. The hairband is made up of good quality polyester and is durable too.
3. The Peeling Gel has lemon and papaya which exfoliate well and tighten the pores.
4. The Pulling Gel has strawberry seeds, glycolic acid and papaya which dilute the blackheads and slips them off the skin.
5. Both the gels have hyaluronic acid to provide moisture along with exfoliation.
6. Vitamin C is also main ingredient in both the gels that helps you to attain even tone skin.
7. This kit can be used by anyone who is above the age of 18 years old and is suitable for all skin types.

OMG! Peeling Gel : lemon, papaya, acerola, hyaluronic acid, allantoin and vitamin C

OMG! Pulling Gel : strawberry seed, glycolic acid, papaya, jojoba seed oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C

Texture, Colour and Availability
OMG! Peeling Gel
It is white coloured gel that turns into small white nodes on massaging, peeling off the impurities from the skin.

OMG! Pulling Gel
It is brown coloured gel with strawberry seeds that dilute while exfoliating skin.

This kit is available on Style Korean website for:
OMG! Hair Band : 8 usd
OMG! Peeling Gel : 24 usd
OMG! Pulling Gel : 15 usd
I.M.Buddy mini : 18 usd

My Experience
I would totally recommend the pulling and peeling gels along with I.M.Buddy mini as it actually works to remove blackheads from your skin. I could see the difference after using it for the first time. The peeling gel removes impurities effectively and makes your skin clear and soft. The pulling gel is the product that works on stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. It removes the blackheads and whiteheads with its warmth and circular motions. After using the entire kit, I noticed that my skin was clean, clear and soft. To my surprise it didn't leave my skin dry. My skin was moisturised well and appeared better to me.

I use this kit twice a week and I can see that the occurrence of blackheads and whiteheads is decreasing. It doesn't remove blackheads or whiteheads forever, you need to use it every week to see reduction in appearance. Also don't forget to be regular with moisturising and exfoliation to have clearer skin with time.

I would rate Double Dare OMG! Pulling and Peeling Kit from Style Korean as 4.5/5. Most of us face issues with blackheads and whiteheads, so everyone should try this to see good effects on the skin, specially the T-zone area.

I hope this review was useful to you all. Do shop Double Dare OMG! Pulling and Peeling Kit from Style Korean and make your skin clear. Also share this article with your family and friends to spread the news.

Thank you!
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