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Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that is necessary for our body. It is part of Vitamin B family and was earlier known as Vitamin H. Biotin is necessary component that helps our body to convert food into energy. Not only this, Biotin is important for good health of our eyes, skin, hair, liver and nervous system.
From where does our body get Biotin? Those who intake healthy balanced diet every day get sufficient amount of Biotin from their meals. Foods like egg yolk, cheese, legumes (soybean, etc.), leafy green vegetables, cauliflower, mushroom, organ meat, nut butters,  and nuts are good source of Biotin. But large percentage of population is not able to have healthy balanced diet every day due to various reasons like different food preferences, busy schedule, lack of knowledge, lack of resources, etc. So, how can they get adequate amount of Biotin? They can get adequate amount of Biotin by adding Biotin Health Supplements in their every day routine. Recently, Satthwa launched their 10,000 mcg Biotin Health Supplement with Zinc for Skin, Hair & Nails.

Why is Biotin Beneficial?
Biotin is necessary for various metabolic reactions in our body. As it is water-soluble vitamin, so it is regularly flushed out of the body. Hence, Biotin has to be included in your every day diet. Let's read further to know why Biotin is beneficial.

1. Boosts Metabolism
Biotin acts as an accelerator for controlling metabolic reactions of our body. It helps to provide energy from the metabolism of nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, etc. and synthesis of fatty acids. These processes helps our body to work properly and stay fit.

2. Maintains Muscle Tissues
Biotin is necessary for the growth of muscle tissues. It maintains and repaurs the muscle tissues in case of damage and insures. It also looks after the proper functioning of nervous system tissues and the growth of bone marrow. Deficiency of Biotin can lead to tensing of muscles, weakness of muscles, increased changes of nerve damages and other related problems.

3. Maintains Heart and Weight
If you are reducing your weight then you should include food sources that are rich in Biotin. Biotin boosts the metabolism, which in turn leads to more physical activity and reduction in weight over a period of time. Biotin is also helpful for the proper functioning of heart as it reduces the level of cholesterol and keeps your heart health.

4. Nourishes Skin
Biotin produces fatty acids that are good for the nourishment of our skin. It assists in the production of new cells, maintenance of oilds glands and betterment of dry skin. Regular intake of Biotin-rich diet or Biotin Healthy Supplements makes skin healthy and maintains even skin tone.

5. Improves Hair Strength
Our hair is mostly comprised of keratin that keeps them strong and healthy. Biotin is known to improve hair's health when taken for a period of 3-4 months along with zinc and Vitamin C. Many of us face problems like thin hair, hairfall, split ends and decreased hair growth, intake of Biotin helps to solves these problems over a period of time.

6. Makes Nails Stronger
Biotin maintains the growth and health of nails. Intake of Biotin rich-foods or capsules makes your nails thicker, stronger and shiny. Those who bite their nails or have weak nails should intake Biotin every day to make their them healthy.

Satthwa Biotin Health Supplement
Satthwa Biotin Health Supplement is enriched with Zinc that plays an important role in maintaining the health of skin, hair and nails.

1. Satthwa Biotin Health Supplement is 100% vegetarian and gluten-free.
2. Satthwa Biotin Health Supplement contains 10 mg of Biotin and 3 mg of Zinc in each capsule, which is sufficient for daily dose.
3. Regular usage of Biotin Health Supplement improves skin problems and reduces hairfall.
4. Biotin Health Supplement is very good for maintaining healthy nails.
5. These capsules can be taken by men as well as women (above the age of 18 years old).

* If you are on medication (or pregnant, nursing and lactating women) then do consult with your doctor before taking Biotin Health Supplement.

Packaging and Capsules
Satthwa biotin Health Supplement comes in a bottle that has flip top to take out capsule easily. The bottle comes with a protective layer when opening for first time.

The capsules are white in colour and contains powder inside them (which can be seen in light). Each bottle contains 90 veg capsules.

Biotin (Vitamin B7), Zinc Glycinate, Veg Capsule Shell (HPMC) (INS 464), Microcrsytalline Cellulose (INS 460 (i) & Silicon Di-oxide (INS 551)

Price and Availability
Satthwa Biotin Health Supplement is priced at Rs. 899/- (90 veg capsules) that can be purchased from Satthwa website and Amazon. It comes with a shelf life of 22 months, but once opened it should be consumed within 6 months.

My Experience
Last year I experienced excessive hairfall and weaker nails, this is when I got to know about Biotin capsules and started taking them. It has been 11 months that I have taken Biotin Health Supplements (Not regular, but on and off) and I have seen improvement in skin, hair and nails. Recently, Satthwa launched 10 mg Biotin Health Supplement and I wanted to try them. (Also read Satthwa Hair Shampoo Review). Satthwa is a natural brand that curated products with nadvanced formulation that is safe and beneficial for consumers. It has been three weeks that I am having Satthwa Biotin Health Supplements and I can say that they work well to add goodness to skin, hair and nails.

Satthwa Biotin Health Supplement comes in a travel-friendly packaging that is easy to carry along. The bottle is air-tight, so it keeps capsules safe in it. I take one capsule every day with my breakfast (as supplements work well when taken with breakfast). I would recommend these capsules as they are vegetarian and can be taken by vegetarians, non-vegetarians and vegan people.

Dosage : Take one capsule (10 mg) every day with morning meal.
Storage : Keep them in dry and cool place.

You should add Biotin Health Supplement in your daily routine, but don't substitute your diet with these capsules. It is necessary to have healthy balanced diet every day as alone capsules can't do wonders on your skin, hair and nails. I have improved my diet while intaking Biotin Health Supplements (on and off). I am also regular with skincare and nailcare routine, which adds to better results along with health supplement. I have also shifted to using natural and organic haircare products (since 4 months) for healthy hair. So, you should be regular with skincare, haircare and nailcare also while taking Biotin Health Supplement. You can have these supplements for 3 months and then take a break of 2-3 months and start again when needed.

I would rate Satthwa Biotin Health Supplements as 4.8/5. These are vegetarian capsules and contain adequate amount of Biotin. You should include them in your daily diet to enhance the health of skin, hair and nails.

If you have any queries regarding Satthwa Biotin Health Supplements then let me know in the comments below. Also share this article further to spread the awareness among others.

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