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Juicy Chemistry is India's first brand that has 100% Organic range of products that are certified by Ecocert (France) in accordance with COSMOS V3 Standard. Few months back I got introduced to this brand and read about their vision behind curating products. I was impressed with the owners, Pritesh and Megha Asher, who have a vision to provide chemical free products to consumers around the world that are formulated with organic and nutrients rich ingredients. Since 2014, Juicy Chemistry owners and their team members are doing intensive research to bring together essential oils and traditional ingredients to prepare products that show real results with regular usage. Kudos to their hard work, patience and well researched team who leaves no stone unturned to research, formulate, test (multiple times) and provide 100% safe products to all of us.
Few months back, Juicy Chemistry opened their affiliate program and invited me to join in. I accepted their invitation (Who would miss a chance to be associated with a wonderful brand!) and thought to try Juicy Chemistry Organic Dusting Powder. 

Juicy Chemistry Organic Dusting Powders are safe to use on face as well as body. They have two variants of Dusting Powders:
1. Tea Tree and Peppermint Organic Dusting Powder
2. Damask Rose and Jasmine Organic Dusting Powder

Let's know why I choose to switch to Juicy Chemistry Organic Dusting Powder.

Why I Prefer Juicy Chemistry Products?
1. Juicy Chemistry is 100% organic brand, certified by Ecocert (France).
2. All their ingredients are derived from organic farming.
3. Juicy Chemistry believes in Right to Information, so they provide complete ingredients list to the consumers.
4. Juicy Chemistry products are cruelty free, vegan, freshly made and free from preservatives.
5. This brand thinks and do a lot for the environment. Their entire packaging is plastic free and environment friendly.

Juicy Chemistry Damask Rose and Jasmine Dusting Powder
It is a calming and refreshing dusting powder that soothes skin within few seconds. It is formulated with rice flour, rose, sandalwood, gentle clays and jasmine as main ingredients.

1. Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder is free from talc.
2. This dusting powder is gentle and suitable for all skin types.
3. This dusting powder can be used on face as well as body for various benefits.
4. It is has oil-absorbing properties, so keeps your skin fresh for long hours.
5. It is suitable for everyone who is above the age of 5 years old.

Packaging, Colour and Texture
Juicy Chemistry Organic Dusting Powder comes in paper packaging. The outer paper packaging contains branding and other necessary information about the product.

As you open the box, you would find a cylindrical cardboard bottle. This bottle contains Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder. The top head has two types of holes that helps you to take out required amount of Dusting Powder.

Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder is made up gentle powders, so the texture is like natural powders have been grinded well to form powder. You would feel little grains while you spread the powder with fingers. The colour of Dusting Powder is light cream but resembles to be white when spread and tranparent once the skin gets mixed with it.

Juicy Chemistry is open about the ingredients that are used to formulate their Dusting Powder. Here are the ingredients and their benefits:
Rice Powder : It has absorbing properties that helps to soak access oil from skin. It doesn't clog pores and reduces the occurrence of pimples too. It is good for delaying skin ageing and acts as a natural sunscreen.
Arrowroot Powder : It helps in healing blemishes naturally, absorbing access oil, softening skin and dry out acne/pimples. 
Tapioca Starch : It is used to soften skin, fade away blemishes, keeps skin hydrating and heal skin problems with regular usage.
Kaolin Clay : It is acts as a natural exfoliator and doesn't clog pores. It improves the texture of the skin without causing irritation or redness.
Damask Rose Flower : It is an excellent ingredient that soothes irritation, acts as anti-ageing and heals wounds. It also gives a pleasant fragrance that stays for long hours.
Geranium Oil : It is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that promotes regenration of skin and fades signs of ageing.
Jasmine Oil : It keeps skin safe from bacteria and infections. It also helps to retain moisture of the skin and keeps it hydrated.
Ylang Ylang Oil : It is good to improve the appearance of skin like texture and tone. It also helps to clear pimples and treat other skin problems.
Sandalwood Oil : It is acts as an antiseptic and keeps skin free from various problems like acne, scars, sores, boils, redness, etc.

Price and Availability
Juicy Chemistry Organic Dusting Powder comes in 110 grams packaging. It is priced at Rs. 650/- and can be purchased from Juicy Chemistry Website, Amazon, Nykaa, Purplle and Vanity Wagon. As their products are free from preservatives and freshly made, so the shelf life of Dusting Powder is 6 months after opening.

How Can We Use Dusting Powder?
Dusting Powder has multiple benefits for our face and body. Let's know how I use Juicy Chemistry Organic Dusting Powder.

Usage 1 : Sweat is a real problem for me as I sweat 365 days of the year!
I apply Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder to body parts that are prone to sweat like neck, underarms, lower back, inner thighs, in between toes and inner elbows. Take little amount of Dusting Powder on your hands and directly apply on sweat prone areas. Spread it nicely and let your skin absorb it within few minutes.
Result : Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder keeps area free from sweat (and smelling pleasant) for at least 7-8 hours.

Usage 2 : Getting late for a party, here is a quick solution!
I apply Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder while doing makeup. Yes, you read it right! Dusting Powder acts as a good setting powder or compact powder. When I am going out casually then I take little amount of powder and apply on the face (after using sunscreen) and go out. When I apply makeup then I use Dusting Powder to set my makeup (can be used with a puff or powder brush) and make it last longer.
Result : Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder is good to apply directly on dry face. It gives even skin tone and can be used every day. It keeps sweat and oil away from my combination skin type for 6-7 hours. When used to set makeup, Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder keeps makeup last longer, without the need of touch ups for at least 7-8 hours.

Usage 3 : Time to keep body away from bad odour!
I use Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder as a perfume to smell good all day long. I apply the powder on few points like wrist, back of ear, back of knees and underarms to smell pleasant for the entire day. Dusting Powder is infused with Rose and Jasmine, so people around you would get a hint of pleasant rose and jasmine fragrance. Now, you don't need harsh fragrances, just use natural, organic Dusting Powder.
Result : It keeps bad odour away from your body for long hours.

Usage 4 : Got rashes from waxing or shaving, soothe your skin within few minutes!
I use Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder after waxing or shaving. You can also use dusting powder before applying wax on your body parts or before threading. Dusting powder soothes skin irritation and reduces the appearance of rashes within few minutes.
Result : It protects and soothes your skin from the side effects of waxing, threading or shaving. You skin feels good.

My Experience
I have been using Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder since one month and I can notice that it not only provides immediate benefits but also long term benefits to our skin. It has helped me to control the occurrence of oil on my facial T-zone area. It also helps to improve the blemishes but takes time to show visible results.

Juicy Chemistry Organic Dusting Powder is safe to use around inner thighs during periods for women. Many women tend to sweat a lot during periods, so ditch those talc powders and use Juicy Chemistry Organic Dusting Powder that would keep the area dry, sweat-free, irritation-free and pleasant smelling.

I would rate Juicy Chemistry Organic Dusting Powder 5/5. Everyone should start using it to keep your skin safe from harsh chemicals and talc. Do keep an eye on Juicy Chemistry and other platform sales to get best price or Use my code 'AMRIT15' and avail 15% off on all of their products.

I hope this article on Juicy Chemistry Organic Dusting Powder is useful to you. Spread the awareness of using organic products and benefits of Dusting Powder with others too. Leave a comment and share this article with others.

Thank You!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)
Lifestyle Blogger, Delhi
"The product was gifted by the Brand. The views about the product are my own. I have tested it myself for couple of times before writing the detailed review. You should patch test the product on your skin before usage."
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