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Smartphones, tablets and laptops have made our life easier. Now, we don't need heavy hard disks to store data and carry them on the go. Micro SD Cards for Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops come handy to store data and carry them without any burden. Micro SD Cards can slip into mobiles, tablets and laptops ports and give access to large data whenever you want. Isn't this cool? Let's learn more about Micro SD Cards.
What are Micro SD Cards?
Micro SD Cards are removable flash memory cards which are used to store data like documents, pictures, music, videos, etc. Micro SD stands for Micro Secure Digital Cards that can be used in Mobiles, Tablets or Laptops.

How Much Data Do Micro SD Cards Store?
Micro SD Cards comes in different storage sizes. They can storage data ranging from 1 GB to 256 GB. Previously, only 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB Micro SD Cards were available. Now-a-days, due to advancement in technology, you can buy Micro SD Cards with higher memory storage like 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB 256 GB.

How to Use Micro SD Cards?
It is easy to use Micro SD Cards in Mobiles, Tablets or Laptops. Micro SD Card is small in size, so it fits easily in Mobiles and Tablets port or sim tray. But for laptops, you need an Adaptor to store Micro SD Cards and then use them. This adaptor is little bigger than Micro SD Card and it fits easily into the port and gives access to data stored on the SD Card.

Does Micro SD Cards Keep Our Data Safe?
Yes, Micro SD Cards keep your data safe until you share it with someone else or your device gets hacked. You can also use folder lock apps to restrict the usage of data from your devices. While using an Adaptor you can restrict the Read/Write access of the data stored on your Micro SD Card. If you lock the Adaptor and use it in the laptop then data can only be copied. You cannot edit or delete the data that is stored on Micro SD Card once Adaptor is locked.

Does Micro SD Cards need formatting?
Whenever you buy a new Micro SD Card then you don't need to format it. You can simply put into your device and store data. Sometimes, we Micro SD Card in multiple devices to copy and paste data, so in that case you can format Micro SD Card before copying new data on it. (Note: If you have previous data on SD Card then it would be erased once you format it, so before careful while formatting SD Card)

Do Micro SD Cards have life?
Advanced Micro SD Cards can withstand around 100,000 Read and Write Cycles. If you handle SD Card with care then it would last lifetime.

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Do Micro SD Cards Get Effected by Virus?
Nothing can be saved from a virus attack. If you insert Micro SD Cards in a virus effected device then there is a larger possibility of Micro SD Card damage. Sometimes, the virus can be treated by formatting Micro SD Card but if the virus is dangerous then your SD Card won't be of use any more.

How to Select Best Micro SD Cards?
Always look for some festive offers on best recommended Micro SD Cards on shopping websites. There are various trusted brands whose Micro SD Cards are among the best like:

Are Micro SD Cards compatible with all devices?
Micro SD Cards are compatible with all devices that support SD Cards but you need to check the compatibility of capacity. If you opt for Micro SD Cards larger than 32 GB of storage then make sure that the device is SDXC compatible. This helps in smooth running of the devices and moving of data. (Note: You should not fill Micro SD Card completely, keep little empty space for smooth working.)

I hope all your queries related to Micro SD Cards are sorted. Do shop wisely and avoid buying SD Cards from vendors. You should always buy authentic Micro SD Cards for Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops from shops or online websites to avail best offers.

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