Rannvijay Singha has always been an inspiration to youth, specially with his style and fashion. recently, Rannvijay Singha launched Whiskers - Men's Grooming Brand that formulates grooming products for men. Isn't this cool? Now, you can purchase (if you are men) or gift this Valentine's Whiskers Men's Grooming Products to the men in your life and make yourself/them feel special. Whiskers is an Online Shopping Destination for Men's Grooming Products that provide luxurious bath and body products for men.
Whiskers Men Grooming Products go through multiple lab testing to provide best products for men around the world. Rannvijay Singha himself says, "Grooming is not limited to women. Men also have the right to look better and flaunt their style." This thought, research and lot of hard work gave birth to Whiskers - Online Shopping for Men's Grooming Products. They have wide range of products to fulfil grooming need of men like bath and body care products, hair care products, beard and moustache care products. If you know Rannvijay Singha then you would be aware of the fact that he loves Tattoos a lot. His love for tattoo made him introduce tattoo aftercare products as well which will take good care of your tattoos. Let's read about the range in detail.

Whiskers Face Care
Since ages men's have been using normal face wash or scrub (not specially meant for their skin) to clean their face but now Whiskers has special face care products that deeply cleanse men's skin.

Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash: It has the potential to eliminate dirt, impurities and oil from men's skin and make it clean, smooth and hydrated. Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash is made from charcoal powder that works well on oily and rough men's skin. It also contains glycerine that helps to control oil and hydrated skin well. The presence of myristic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid makes sure that the face wash removes dirt, pollution impurities and dead skin cells with every wash. It also control sebum production and occurrence of sweat.

Texture: It is a thick face wash with little beads to cleanse face effectively.
Colour: It is thick greyish paste that forms foam when massaged well onto wet face.

Usage: Wet your face and apply pea size of face wash. Massage well and rinse with normal water.
Price: 100 ml of tube is priced at Rs. 350/-
Availability : You can purchase it from Whiskers Online Shopping Website.

Whiskers Walnut Shell Powder Face Scrub: Men have thicker skin, so their skin secretes double amount of oil as compared to women. It is necessary for men to exfoliate their skin at least twice a week. This walnut shell powder face scrub exfoliates the pores, controls oil, fights acne and helps in tan removal with every usage. Whiskers Walnut Shell Powder Face Scrub contains walnut shell powder that removes blackheads and whiteheads. The presence of glyceryl monostearate makes sure that all the dirt gets removed with the spalsh of water while walnut shell powder exfoliates and improves skin in the logn run.

Texture: It has a silky texture with minute beads to exfoliate well.
Colour: It is light brown paste with dark brown beads to attract dirt and impurities.

Usage: Clean your face with Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash and pat dry. Take pea size amount of Whiskers Face Scrub and massage well to exfoliate. Rinse well and pat dry.
Price: 100 ml of tube is priced at Rs. 350/-
Availability: You can purchase it from Whiskers Online Shopping Website.

Whiskers Bath and Body Care
Whiskers bath and body are products clean, nourish and moisturise skin. No need to look for best suited soaps or moisturisers because Whiskers Soaps and body Yogurt suits all skin types for men.

Whiskers Honey & Almond Soap: It is a moisturising bath soap for men enriched with the goodness of honey and almond oil. This soap will clean as well as leave men's skin moisturised after bath.

Texture and Colour: It is a white soap bar.
Fragrance: It has a soothing fragrance.

Whiskers Matcha Green Tea & Jojoba Soap : It is an exfoliating soap bar specially made for oily skin types and control sebum production. Matcha Green Tea removes oil and reduces the occurence of acne while jojoba Oil moisturises skin well.

Texture and Colour: It is a light green soap bar.
Frangrance : It has a little strong fragrance.

Usage : Wet your body and directly apply soap onto your body. Rinse well and pat dry.
Price : Each 125 grams of soap bar is priced at Rs, 225/-
Availability : You can purchase Whiskers Soap here.

Whiskers Dream Cream Body Yogurt : Men can now dream to have creamy and soft skin. Yes! Whiskers Dream Cream Body Yogurt is specially designed for men's skin. This body yogurt has non sticky (non-greasy) formula that absorps fast and moisturises men's skin for 24 hours. It is enriched with the goodness of coconut oil, alomond oil, argan oil, aloe vera, cucumber, vitamin E and shea butter which works well to keep dryness away and make skin moisturised for long hours.

Texture : It is a light-weight gel that spreads evenly onto the skin and absorps within few seconds after massaging.
Colour : It has a light green colour that matches well with the packaging tub.
Price : 200 grams of body yogurt is priced at Rs. 590/-
Availability : You can purchase Whiskers Body Yogurts here.

Whiskers Hair Care and Styling
Men's biggest assets are their hair, so Whiskers provide special hair care and styling products that would make men look more stylish.

Whiskers Hair Serum : Men do face issues like dryness and frizz, so Whiskers Hair Serum is enriched with Baobab Oil and Argan Oil that will work on hair strands and reduce dryness and frizz with regular usage. Not only this, Whiskers Hair Serum also forms a UV sheild and protect hair from further damage.

Texture : It has a thin, oily texture that spreads onto the hair and penetrates inside to make them soft, smooth and nourished.
Colour : It has a transparent colour.
Usage : Take 2-3 pumps of hair serum (for short hair), 4-5 pumps (for Sikh men who have long hair) and spread it evenly onto hair strands (not scalp). You can apply it on half dried hair or full dried hair. Comb after 20 seconds to spread the serum evenly.
Price : 50 ml of Hair Serum is priced at Rs. 550/-
Availability : You can purchase Whiskers Hair Serum here.

Whiskers Hair Gel : It is a non-greasy hair styling gel that holds your hairstyle for long. The hair gel has translucent formula that styles and holds it without drying out or flaking. It also provides additional shine to men's hair. This hair gel can also be used as a beard or moustache gel to style them.

My brother really likes the pump dispensing mechanism in hair gel and hair promade bottle that makes sure no product is wasted.

Texture and Colour : It is a translucent light green gel that spreads evenly onto the hair.

Usage : Take hair gel on your hands and then rub to warm it up. Apply evenly onto the hair to style it as needed. Sikh men can also use it to style their moustache and beard. Take little gel on the fingers and warm it. Apply on the moustache and style it. For beard apply and warm gel onto the hands and style it.
Price : 80 ml of hair gel is priced at Rs. 850/-
Availability : Your can purchase Whiskers Hair Gel here.

Whiskers Matt Pomade : It is a matte finish hair wax that holds the style and gives a natural look. This hair wax provides nourishment to dry and dull hair, maintains the style throughout the day, keeps sweat and odour away and also adds shine to hair. This hair wax can also be applied to moustache and beard, but make sure to use very little amount of the product.

Texture and Colour : It is a white colour thick wax that melts when massaged before application.

Usage : Take little bit of wax onto the fingers and warm it up. Apply it onto the hair and style hair as needed. Don't comb hair afterwards. Sikh men can use it to style moustache and beard. Take little bit on fingers and warm it. Apply onto the moustache and style it. do the same for beard.
Price : 80 ml of matt pomade is priced at Rs. 550/-
Availability : You can purchase Whiskers Matt Pomade here.

Whiskers Beard Care
Men are blessed with moustache and beard, so they need some extra care. They catch a lot of dirt and pollution which cause damage. Whiskers has products that are specially designed to take care of men's moustache and beard.

Whiskers Invigorating Beard Wash : This is a hydrating beard wash that cleans the beard and skin beneath it. It also retains the moisture and reduces frizz of the beard. This beard wash can also be used for moustache. With regular usage, it reduces itchiness and makes beard and moustache easy to manage.

Texture and Colour : It is a transparent gel that foams well when applied on wet beard and moustache.

Usage : Wet moustache and beard. Take 2 pumps of beard wash and rub between fingers to foam it. Apply on the moustache and beard and massage for 1-2 minutes. Rinse well and pat dry.
Price : 100 ml of beard wash is priced at Rs. 395/-
Availability : You can purchase Whiskers Beard Wash from here.

Whiskers Power Beard Oil : It is a powerful beard oil that promote good beard growth. It manages beard and moustache and make it soft with regular usage. It is enriched with rich oils like apricot oil, argan oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and grapeseed oil that nourish as well as make beard long and shiny. This oil is free from chemicals and it promotes fast beard growth from the roots.

Texture and Colour : It is light-weight tranparent oil that penetrates well to give soft and shiny moustache and beard.

Usage : Wash beard and take 2-3 drops of Beard Oil on fingers. Warm it for few seconds and apply onto the moustache and beard. Run comb after 20 seconds to spread it evenly.
Price : 30 ml of beard oil is priced at Rs. 425/-
Availability : You can purchase Whiskers Beard Oil from here.

Whiskers Tattoo AfterCare
Tattoos are trending so much these days, so Whiskers are moving ahead with trending needs. Whiskers has formulated Tattoo After Care products that will moisturise the skin as well as make sure that the tattoo looks new and shines bright.

Whiskers Tattoo Cream : This tattoo cream is specially formulated to heal the skin after getting tatoo inked. This cream not only moisturises skin but also makes sure that the colours of tattoo don't fade away. It also adds shine to the tattoo and makes it look new as always. Application of Whiskers Tattoo Cream every day also reduces the risk of infections and allergies.

Texture and Colour : It is a light-weight thick cream that spreads well and moisturises skin.
Usage : Wash the tattoo with soap and warm water. Pat dry with paper towel and let it dry. Take little amount of tattoo cream and spread evenly on your tattoo. Gently massage until it is absorbed completely.
Price : 50 grams of tattoo cream is priced at Rs. 1195/-
Availability : You can purchase Whiskers Tattoo Care products here.

My Brother's Experience
My brother was astonished to know about wide range of products for men's grooming. He started using the face wash and face scrub and could notice that his face was cleaner than before. Though it takes some time for the products to settle with your skin, so use it every day to see good visible results.

The body care products are keeping his skin soft and moisturised in winters well. He uses body yogurt once every day and the skin remains moisturised for the entire day.

He was facing some hairfall issues, so he started using hair serum. He could notice that his hair was manageable and hairfall reduced after 12 days of usage. He is loving the change in his hair after using hair serum.

The hair styling products work well for my brother to style his moustache and beard. The hair gel is good to add style and hold it for about 10-12 hours. It adds shine and reduces dryness too. Sometimes, he also uses matt pomade which helps him to instantly reduce frizz from his beard and style it in the desired way. He tops his beard and moustache with hair gel to hold the style for long.

The beard wash and beard oil are his most favourite products. Being a Sikh, moustache and beard are his biggest assets and he takes good care of them. The beard wash started managing his beard within 10 days. His beard is soft and healthy than before. It reduced itchiness and hairfall. He uses beard oil twice a day, once before styling his beard and once at night. The beard oil is reducing the dryness with regular usage and helps in better styling of beard and moustache.

My brother doesn't have tattoos on body but as Whiskers Tattoo Cream has healing properties so he applied Tattoo Cream on zits and it started healing. So, he will be using Tattoo cream to heal zits or pimples on body.

My brother is impressed with Whiskers - Men's Grooming Products and would recommend it to every men in his life. So, if you are men then go ahead and invest in Whiskers Men's Grooming Products. If you are a women then gift Whiskers Men's Grooming Products to men in your life and make them feel special.

This time my brother Whiskers Products as 4.5/5.

I hope you liked the review of these products. Now, head over to Whiskers - Online Shopping for Men's Grooming Products and gift the products to men in your life. Also share this article to create awareness and help men to reach out to suitable products for their skin, hair, moustache and beard.

Thank You!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)
Lifestyle Blogger, Delhi, India

"The products were gifted by the Brand. The views about the product are my own. My brother tested them on himself for couple of times.You should patch test the product on your skin before usage."

Copyright Notice: ©️ Amrit Kaur (Amy). Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site's owner is strictly prohibited. All the images represented here are the copyright of the site's owner, Amrit Kaur. The images have clicked by me or my photographer. They are further edited in Photoshop or/and Canva.
Every women dreams to have voluminous hair that makes them look more beautiful. Here is a quick and easy way to add texture and volume to your hair with VEGA Classic Hair Crimper. You won't believe that VEGA Hair Crimper helps me to style my hair within 5 minutes. Yes! I am not joking. Keep your eyes glued to the screen and read on further to know about this quick and easy styling tool by VEGA.
About VEGA
VEGA is a known brand for hair styling and makeup tool products. The team at VEGA believe in innovating products that matches the need of modern times and help people to save time. Here, at VEGA you can shop from their wide range of products like Hair Styling Tools, Hair Styling Appliances, Hair Styling sets, Grooming Appliances, Make Brushes, etc.

You must be wondering what does VEGA means! VEGA, the brand name, has the core values hidden in it where 'V' stands for Value of Money, 'E' stands for Excellent Range, 'G' stands for Great Quality and 'A' stands for Always Ahead. They believe in listening to the consumer, working for the consumer and serving stylish products to the consumers. I am a VEGA consumer from past few years and I love their products. Let's move on and read about one of my favourite Hair Styling Product - VEGA Classic Hair Crimper.

About VEGA Classic Hair Crimper
As the name says, VEGA Hair Crimper is a classic crimper that gives a nice style and volume to your hair. It is an easy to use tool that creates small waves on your hair within few seconds. Let's know about more features of hair crimper.

1. VEGA Classic Hair Crimper has ceramic coated plates which protects your hair and adds shine too.
2. VEGA Crimper has wide plates that helps you to cover larger hair sections and save time while styling.

3. This hair crimper doesn't take time to get ready. It has quick heat-up system that makes it ready in few seconds.
4. The crimper has a power indicator light which helps you to know when the crimper is ON and when it is OFF.

5. The maximum temperature that VEGA Hair Crimper has is 220 degree Celsius. This temperature crimps hair fast and keeps your style for long.
6. It has 360 degree swivel cord that makes it easy to work with the crimper and avoid unnecessary tangles.

7. It also has an easy lock system which helps to close the plates together smoothly.

VEGA Hair Crimper comes in the classic packaging which doesn't take a lot of space and keeps your styling tool safe. The packaging contains:
Hair Crimper
Long Cord
User Manual
Warranty Card

How to Use?
Now, you would be wondering that how can you use VEGA Hair Crimper to style your hair.
1. Take out VEGA Hair Crimper from the packaging.
2. Apply thickening spray all over your hair and let it set for -2 minutes.
3. Turn ON VEGA Hair Crimper and let it become hot.
Note : Make sure the crimper is completely hot before you start crimping your hair.

4. Divide your hair into two parts from the centre. (Middle parting).
Note : Make sure that your hair is washed and not oily.
5. Now, divide each parting into two parts. (crown area separate and remaining separate)
Note : Always crimp (or style) the crown area in the end.
6. Once the Hair Crimper is hot then take a small section of one partition and widen it. Start from the top and put the section of the hair on one plate of the crimper and press it tightly. Let it stay in between the plates for few seconds.

7. Open the plates and crimp your hair below the previous crimp. Repeat the steps until the complete section is crimped. Repeat the same steps (Step 6 and 7) for the entire hair.
8. Set your hair with hair styling spray and rock the look.

Price and Availability
VEGA Classic Hair Crimper is easily available on VEGA official website for Rs. 1599. You can also shop VEGA products from Amazon India, Nykaa, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm Mall, Big Basket, Croma, etc.

You can locate VEGA Store near you here.

My Experience
When VEGA Classic Hair Crimper was delivered at my doorstep then I was curious to style my hair with it. The hair crimper comes in a sturdy packaging that keeps the product safe inside it. The body and cord of the hair crimper is made up of good quality. The ceramic coated plates keeps your hair safe while you press them between the plates to crimp your hair. There are few things that I like about VEGA Hair Crimper:
The wide crimping plates are definitely one of the best part of VEGA Hair Crimper. The wide plates helps you to crimp a wider section of hair at one time and saves hair styling time, Women who have long and thick hair would be happy with the wide plates as it would save half of their time while hair styling.
The second thing that I love about VEGA Hair Crimper is that cord can rotate 360 degrees, so you can move around and style your hair easily. The cord is long as well which makes it easy for me reach out my dressing table that is far from the power switch.
VEGA Hair Crimper crimps hair easily and doesn't take a lot of time to complete the task. The crimps stay on the hair for good number of hours. I tested the product in different ways:
For the first time, I was in a hurry, so I didn't let the Hair Crimper get hot completely. I started crimping my hair and finished it within 5 minutes. The crimps didn't stay for long but it added a good volume to my hair. My hair looked voluminous for the entire day and I loved it.
Second time, I let the device get hot completely and then started crimping my hair. I didn't divide the hair into sections. I took hair randomly and started crimping hair. I took few seconds to let the crimping plates work on the hair strands. Within 10 minutes, I was done with the crimping my hair. I sprayed hair setter to let the crimps stay on for long. I was happy with the results and the crimps stayed for good 6 hours. After that my hair had little bit of texture of crimps and good volume.
Later on, I wanted the crimps to stay on for long, so I followed the steps mentioned above (Under How to Use?) and the crimps stayed on for around 12 hours and the next morning hair had volume. I was happy with the results. So, it is necessary to use a hair styling product along with your hair styling tool to let the style stay for long.

Now, I create crimps, small waves and crimped curls with VEGA Classic Hair Crimper to style my hair in different ways. Would you like to style your hair in the same way? Get hands on VEGA Classic Hair Crimper now and enjoy hair styling.

I would rate the product 4.8/5. You should try hair crimper soon and enjoy small waves to style your hair for every day look.

I hope this detailed review on VEGA Classic Hair Crimper would be useful for you. Do share this information with your family and friends. Leave a comment below and let me know whether you would like to get hands on VEGA Hair Crimper or not. Also share how would you use hair crimper to style your hair.

Thank You!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)
Lifestyle Blogger (Delhi)
"The product was gifted by the Brand. The views about the product is my own. I have tested it myself for couple of times before writing the detailed review. You should patch test the product on your skin before usage."
Copyright Notice: ©️ Amrit Kaur (Amy). Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site's owner is strictly prohibited. All the images represented here are the copyright of the site's owner, Amrit Kaur. The images have clicked by me or my photographer. They are further edited in Photoshop or/and Canva.