ZEE5 has been in the spotlight with their outstanding Original Film Series. On 14th February, ZEE5 released Shukranu - A Funny Take on the 1976 Forced Sterilization. It is a comedy film based on the real incident that took place during the 1976 Emergency Rule in India. During Emergency, Nasbandi was forced upon male individuals. They had no choice as it was mandatory for every male. Bishnu Dev Halder, a national award-winner, directed this original film under Reliance Entertainment Production. I am sure, you would be keen to know what happened during Emergency. Let's read what Shukranu has in store for all the viewers.
Shukranu, Emergency, ZEE5 Original Film, Comedy

Why was it Released on Valentine's Day?
ZEE5 has always been famous with exclusive ideas to keep their viewers engrossed in their productions. As Shukranu was released on Valentine's Day, so many of you would think that it would be a regular romantic film. But the reality is that it is not a regular romantic film. Shukranu talks about the 'dark times of Indian History' with a humorous script. So, ZEE5 thought it to be the best time to give a surprise to its viewers.

Stars of Shukranu...
The story revolves around the main lead, Inder (Divyenndu), a man working as a chief supervisor in Delhi. He had to marry Reema (Shweta Basu Prasad), who was selected by his parents for the arranged marriage but later he fell in love with Aakriti (Sheetal Thakur) in Delhi. Inder was helpless as just two days before his marriage Nasbandi was forced upon him due to 1976 Emergency situation. The Original film has lots of twists and turns that roam around Inder, Aakriti and Reema.
Shukranu, Emergency, ZEE5 Original Film, Comedy
Source: Video Streaming Platform ZEE5.com
Why Watch Shukranu on ZEE5?
Last weekend, I watched Shukranu as I wanted to know what happened during 1976 Emergency. I enjoyed watching the film with my mother. The film revolves around Inder and his acting skills keeps you glued to the screen until the film ends. Shukranu's storyline is written very well as it tells about reality of 'dark times of Indian history' through comical situations, which is definitely loved by the viewers. Though it is sad to know that many Indian men went through Nasbandi in 1976, but ZEE5 Orginal Film - Shukranu takes all the limelight to keep the viewers informed about the brutal side of Emergency yet bringing smile on their face with the unique humorous script.

The entire family of Inder worries about the love relationship between Inder and Reema. Everyone gives their own suggestions to lighten up their love life, but no one knows what's the truth that revolves in Inder's mind whenever he takes the initiative to make love with his wife. Later, he consults a doctor to get a solution for his problem. The doctor brings hope for Inder and tells him that he can still make love with his wife, even after sterilization, but he cannot have kids.

Inder build up the courage but fails as usual. He convinces his family and goes back to work in Delhi. Few weeks later, he receives a letter from his village which gives him the biggest shock of life. The letter states, "Inder, Reema is pregnant! You are going to be a father!" Inder hides his worry but yet accepts the happiness of his family. In his mind, he thinks that Reema is having an affair but fails to confront it.
Shukranu, Emergency, ZEE5 Original Film, Comedy
Source: Video Streaming Platform ZEE5.com
Next, comes a twist as Inder falls in love with Aakriti but he couldn't tell her about his marriage. The story goes on with a love triangle between Inder, Reema and Aakriti. Bhanu (Aakash Dabhade) also plays a major role as Inder shares all his secret with him and he helps him to manage his married and love life.

The Conclusion...
Overall, Shukranu - A Funny Take on the 1976 Forced Sterilization is a light-weight, comedy film that depicts a lots of myths and truths from Emergency Period. Everyone would enjoy watching this 1 hour 35 minutes long Original Film by ZEE5.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, subscribe to ZEE5 at Rs. 99/- per month and enjoy Shukranu and many other exclusive Original Films.

I hope you liked the review, do let me know your thoughts about Shukranu (if you have watched it) otherwise do watch it over the weekend with your loved one. Share the article with family and friends so that they would also know about 'dark times in Indian History' through Shukranu - ZEE5 Orginal Film.

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Amrit Kaur (Amy)
Lifestyle Blogger, Delhi, India

"This is an honest ZEE5 Original Film review."

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Many people around the world suffer from skin ailments like uneven skin tone, acne, pigmentation, etc. Such ailments should not be ignored as they can become severe if not treated at the right time. Now, the question arises how to treat them? The best answer is by visiting a dermatologist. But wait! Everyone cannot afford visiting a dermatologist due to various reasons like busy life, high fees, etc. This is when The Derma Co - Dermatologist Designed Solution for Skin Ailments fits as the best solution. This is an online platform designed by renowned celebrity dermatologists to provide right solution for acne and pigmentation. Curious to know more? Let's talk more about the brand and their products.

The Derma Co
The Derma Co founders talked to the consumers and realised that they buy products which do show difference in their skin ailments but the results don't last long. Skin ailments like Acne and Pigmentation require special care and attention. This is why The Derma Co has launched an online platform where you can take skin analysis and get customised products according to your skin ailments. Not only this, the Dermatologists behind the brand suggest to try the entire 4-step regime for at least 21 days to see visible results. Once you start seeing results then you would end up being a regular customer of The Derma Co.

The Derma Co team has highly qualified dermatologists behind the scenes working and suggesting best ingredients to formulate products for acne and pigmented skin types. Visit here to read about Dermatologists working for The Derma Co. You can also consult their team for your skin issues, concerns or suggestions through email (care@thedermaco.com) or call (+91-870476476). They would be happy to help their consumers. Let's now talk about The Derma Co - Dermatologists Designed 4-Step Skincare Regime.

The Derma Co Skincare Regime
The Dermatologists at The Derma Co have designed products based on 4-Step Skincare Regime that consists of:
1. Cleanse : This is the first and most important step in every skincare regime. Whenever we need to treat our skin then it should always be clean and free from all dirt and impurities. A good cleanser/face wash removes the impurities and prepares your skin for the skincare treatment every day.
2. Treat : Once your skin is clean then you need to start with the treatment, focusing on your skin ailments like acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc. You should invest extra time while massaging the product onto the skin/problematic areas.
3. Moisturise : We all know that our body needs water, similarly, our skin need moisturisation to keep dryness away. Applying a moisturiser is necessary to form a protective layer after the treatment and make your skin soft, supple and youthful.
4. Protect : Last comes the need of a sunscreen. This is a very important step if you are going out in sun. Sunscreen application forms a layer onto the skin and protect it from harmful UV rays of the sun. It also prevents further skin damage and helps your skin to heal with each passing day. If you are not going out then also you should apply little amount of sunscreen as you are still exposed to indirect rays inside your house.

My Skincare Regime, Designed Solution for Acne and Pigmentation
When I was approached to try the products then I went through the Online Skin Analysis Test on their website. The online test goes through multiple steps and ask about your information, allergic history and at last your skin pictures (to be clicked through their online camera).

Once, the Skin Analysis Test is completed then the system takes few seconds to recommend your customised Dermatologist Designed Solution for Acne and Pigmented Skin. All the products along with their information about usage gets added to the cart. You can easily checkout and place the order. Also, I want to mention that their delivery is fast as well. I received my order within 24 hours (in Delhi).

The products are delivered in a cardboard box with information printed on it. The box mentions information about 4-step skincare regime and timeline to cure your skin ailments.

Usually, you would get 4 products recommendation (one product for each step) but I had pigmentation issue so I was recommended one more product to treat pigmentation around mouth area.

Step 1 : Creamy Cleanser
The first step is to clean skin thoroughly and remove impurities. I was recommended Creamy Cleanser that is suitable for Sensitive Skin.

1. Creamy Cleanser has soap-free formula that suits all skin types, specially sensitive skin.
2. It cleans as well as hydrates skin, keeping it safe from further dryness.
3. This cleanser is mild on the skin and doesn't irritate nor clogs pores. So, if you have open pores then The Derma Co Creamy Cleanser is good choice for your skin.
4. It cleans pores nicely with every wash and can be used every day.

How to Use?
Wet your face and take out 2 pumps of The Derma Co Creamy Cleanser on your fingers. Massage well onto the skin for 1-2 minutes and wash with water thoroughly.

My Experience
The Derma Co Creamy Cleanser comes in a twist and pump bottle. It is a liquid cleanser (shake it before use) that turns into satin finish gel as you pump out.

As you start massaging onto your face, you will see that it forms a creamy texture that effectively cleans dirt and impurities from the skin as well as pores.

After washing, face looks clean and brightened up. I didn't feel any dryness until I moved onto the second step. The creamy cleanser also maintains the pH balance of the skin, so using a toner is not necessary (but if you wish then you can use dermatologist tested/recommended toner after the cleanser).

Note : I felt that the creamy cleanser also has the power to exfoliate skin (I felt very minute particles while using it), so that's why no scrub is added to the 4-step skincare routine.

Quantity : 100 ml
Price : Rs. 249/-
Expiry : 12 months

Step 2 : 20% Vitamin C Serum and Kojic Acid Cream Treatment
After cleansing, we should treat the skin ailments because skin is clean and read to get treated. I was recommended two products for this step.

20% Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin C serum is designed to make skin radiant and youthful. It also helps to lighten dark spots and blemishes and make skin even tone.

1. Vitamin C Serum has O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid combined with Ferulic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid.
2. The ingredients of the serum helps to achieve even skin tone.
3. This serum also improves dark spots, acne spots and blemishes with regular usage.
4. It also improves the skin and protects it from further damage.

How to Use?
Take 2-3 drops of The Derma Co Vitamin C Serum on your fingers and warm it for 10-20 seconds. Pat the serum all over your face and neck. Massage well until it is absorbed into the skin.

My Experience
I love using Vitamin C as it has improved my skin a lot, so I was happy when it was recommended in The Derma Co Skincare Routine. The serum comes in a glass bottle along with a dropper for easy application.

It is a clear serum that spreads easily onto the skin. As I massaged the serum onto the skin, I could feel that it makes skin youthful. It is a light-weight serum, so it leaves skin soft and supple after massaging.

Note : If you are using Vitamin C during day time then do apply a layer of sunscreen on top of it. I prefer using it during night time as it repairs skin well overnight.

Quantity : 20 ml
Price : 899/-
Shelf Life : 12 months

Kojic Acid Cream
I was recommended this cream to solve the pigmentation around my mouth area.

1. Kojic Acid Cream is specially designed for pigmentation.
2. This cream has stabilised Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid.
3. It reduces pigmentation and prevent skin from further damage with regular usage.
4. It shows visible results after 3-4 weeks.

How to Use?
Take sufficient amount of The Derma Co Kojic Acid Cream and apply over dark spots, pigmented areas or acne marks. Massage well until it is absorbed by the skin.

My Experience
I had heard about Kojic Acid before as it is common in cosmetic creams. This ingredient prevent melanin production and lightens the blemishes/dark spots with each usage. This cream comes in a sleek tube packaging.

The cream looks thick but it becomes thin as you spread over the skin. As I massage it over my skin, I feel like I am providing hydration (it feels cool) to my skin. It takes little extra time to penetrate into the skin, so enjoy massaging it well. You can also use a facial roller to enhance its effects.

Note : This is a treatment so always follow up with a sunscreen and avoid severe sun exposure. Don't forget to use it every night.

Quantity : 35 gm
Price : 499/-
Shelf Life : 18 months

Step 3 : Squalene + Zinc Oil-Free Moisturiser
After treating your skin, it is necessary to lock the effects of the treatment with the moisturiser. As I have oily skin, so I was recommended an Oil-free moisturiser.

1. Squalene + Zinc Oil-Free Moisturiser is suitable for normal to oily skin types.
2. This moisturiser has squalene that helps to balance oil production and reduce occurrence of acne and eczema.
3. The presence of zinc improves the good health of your skin, calms and heals the scars.
4. This moisturiser also makes skin soft, supple, nourished and moisturised.
5. This moisturiser is good to calm and soothe irritated skin.

How to Use?
Take The Derma Co Squalene + Zinc Oil-Free Moisturiser on your palm, warm it and then apply all over the skin. Massage well until it penetrates into the skin.

My Experience
I have oily t-zone, so I prefer using oil-free moisturiser that maintains the oil balance of my skin. (Since two years, I have already controlled the occurrence of sebum production with regular skincare.)

This moisturiser comes in tube packaging and is easy to squeeze out. It is a transparent, gel like moisturiser that melts onto the skin.

It has a nice fragrance (that I love a lot) that stays for few hours to keep you fresh. The moisturiser is non-sticky, non-greasy and easy to spread all over the skin.

Note : Never forget to apply moisturiser as it keeps the skin treatment securely inside the skin and forms a protective layer to retain moisture (water content) and avoid further damage.

Quantity : 50 gm
Price : 349/-
Shelf Life : 12 months

Step 4 : Pure Zinc Matte Sunscreen Gel
This sunscreen gel is specially formulated for sensitive skin types. It is a must to wear sunscreen when heading out as it acts as a barrier between your skin and external environment/rays that harm your skin.

1. Pure Zinc Matte Sunscreen gel is an organic (physical) sunscreen.
2. It is water and sweat resistant, so you can wear it without worry during hot weather.
3. It protects skin from harmful UV rays.
4. It does have a white cast but it disappears as you massage well (within few minutes).
5. It has a light-weight formula that leaves skin soft, fresh and oil-free.

How to Use?
Take little amount of The Derma Co Pure Zinc Matte Sunscreen Gel and apply dots all over face and neck. Massage it well for 1 minute or until the sunscreen (white cast) disappears and gives an even look.

My Experience
This is a physical sunscreen that are free from chemicals and is enriched with natural ingredients. It comes in a tube packaging that is travel-friendly.

The sunscreen gel is runny, light-weight and easy to spread.
As you massage onto the skin then you will notice that it forms a white cast. But don't worry, this cast vanishes within few minutes and protects your skin from external harm.

This sunscreen also acts as a good base for makeup and keeps my t-zone free from oil for good number of hours.

Note : This is a physical sunscreen, so you can apply it before going out. You don't need to wait for the sunscreen to activate (like other chemical sunscreens which take 30 minutes to start working). Just apply and travel without fear!

Quantity : 50 gm
Price : 699/-
Shelf Life : 12 months

I used The Derma Co - Dermatologist Designed Solution for Acne and Pigmentation for 21 days. I could notice visible results after 15 days. The skincare products are safe to use for all skin types. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients then the skin consultation asks for it, so you can mention about your allergic ingredients and get best recommendations from the dermatologists. I would recommend The Derma Co Skincare Routine to everyone who suffers from acne or pigmentation. I am sure, if I can notice results then everyone else would be able to see visible difference after 21 days.

As you follow this skincare routine, make sure that you work upon your diet as well and include fruits, green vegetables and lots of water (at least 10-12 glasses) in your every day routine. This acts as an additional benefit to make your skin healthier from inside as well as outside. So, head over to The Derma Co and get your skin analysis done right away!

I would rate The Derma Co products as 4.8/5. You should try out skin analysis and see the recommendations working on your skin from the first use.

I hope this article on The Derma Co - Dermatologist Designed Solution for Acne and Pigmentation is useful for you. Do get your skin analysis done and share the article with your family and friends. Let's support all and make our skin healthier.

Thank You!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)
Lifestyle Blogger, Delhi, India
"The products were gifted by the Brand. The views about the products are my own. I have tested it myself for 21 days before writing the detailed review. You should patch test the product on your skin before usage."
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Every month females go through special gift known as 'Those Days'. Well, I call it a special gift because God choose females to Give Birth to New Life. Every month the uterus lining gets thicker so that it can hold a fertilised egg for pregnant women. When the egg doesn't fertilise then the uterus lining is released from the body in the form of blood. This monthly process is known as period or menstruation. Females face many problems during period like mood swings, cramps, clothes stain, etc. Mood swings and cramps can be tackled by meditating and taking rest, but what about clothes stain? Well, I have a great recommendation for that as well. Adira Period Panty helps every female to have Stain Free Period. I tried Adira Period Panty this month and trust me I didn't feel about 'Those Days' as every day was comfortable and stain free.
Adira Period Panty - Main Picture
About Adira
Adira is an innerwear brand for females. They use best fabrics and trims that are skin-friendly and make every female feel comfortable when they wear Adira Innerwear. Being a sub-brand of Yashram Lifestyle, Adira has few products that are Patented in India & USA and OEKO-TEX Certified. Visit their website for more details. Currently, Adira is the talk of females for their innovative product - Period Panty. Adira Period Panty (#AdiraHaiTohPossibleHai) makes 'Those Days' comfortable and stain free. Want to know what's my experience with their products? Read further to know about it.
Adira Period Panty Brand Name

Adira Period Panty
You would be wondering what's special in Period Panty. Period Panty is similar to normal panty except for the fact that it has leak-proof crotch that saves you from staining bedsheets or clothes during 'Those Days'. Adira Period Panty is soft and stretchable. It is 100% safe to wear for every female.

1. Adira Period Panty is made with 100% cotton or stretchable cotton & lycra blend.
2. Period Panty is easy to wear and comfortable to use.
3. Period Panty have a special fabric in the center of the panty that prevents staining.
4. The center skin-friendly material of Adira Period Panty is cool and breathable, so it would keep you sweat-free.
5. It can be worn with sanitary napkins, tampons or menstrual cups.
6. It comes in different sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL.
Adira Period Panty Sizes

7. It is available in different styles - hipsters/briefs and shorts/boxers.
8. It can be worn by school going girls, college going teens and women.
9. It is easy to take care of Adira Period Panties. You can wash them with hands or in machine.
10. It is also keeps the sanitary pad with or without wings stationary and avoids shifting.

Material, Price and Availability
Be it any day, we should wear comfortable innerwear as they are intimate body parts. Team behind Adira made their top priority to launch soft, breathable and comfortable innerwear for females.
Adira Period Panty Cotton Material

The material of Adira Period Panty is soft-absorbent natural fabric that takes good care of your intimate areas. As you touch the Period Panty, you would feel the softness.
Adira Period Panty Softness

Not only the material, Adira Period Panty also gave attention to minute details like stitching and joining of fabrics. The fabric is joined so well that you won't feel any irritation of unevenness while you wear Adira Period Panty.
Adira Period Panty Overlocking

The Period Panty has three layers:
Absorbent Layer : This layer absorbs the liquid (blood) and sweat.
Leak-proof Layer : This layer makes sure that you stay stain free form the entire day. It prevents liquid (blood) from leaking to the outer layer.
Cotton Layer : This is the outer covering that comes in contact with your skin and keeps it free from allergies and rashes.
Adira Period Panty Three Layers
Image Source : Adira.com

You can purchase, Adira Period Panty from their website. The price range starts from Rs. 649/- for one Adira Period Panty. You can also use my coupon 'AMRIT' to avail 15% off or keep a watch on timely sale on Adira Website.

My Experience
During my 'Those Days', I was always worried about staining clothes or felt uncomfortable (sometimes) while wearing light colour clothes. But since the day, I used Adira Period Panty, all my worries blew away. Now, 'Those Days' feel like normal days. I don't have to worry about staining and I can wear light coloured clothes too. Isn't this a happy feeling? Yesssssss!! Adira made this possible.

Adira Period Panty is soft and comfortable. It felt like I was wearing normal innerwear. I tried the Hipster and it kept the sanitary napkin in place without any discomfort. One thing I would appreciate is that the material is absorbent and it keeps intimate area free from sweat to great extent. I am a person who sweat more during 'Those Days' but Adira Period Panty absorbed excess sweat and kept me going every day.
Adira Period Panty Closeup

I would rate Adira Period Panty as 4.7/5. It is time for every female to switch to Adira Period Panty and have Stain Free Period!
Adira Period Panty Pinterest

Do share this article with women in your life and make them aware about Adira Period Panty so that they can also have Stain Free Period. If you/women in your life are using these then share your experience in the comments below.

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Amrit Kaur (Amy)
Lifestyle Blogger, Delhi, India
'The product was gifted by the Brand. The views and experience about the product is honestly shared by me. I have tested it myself for 7 days before writing the detailed review.'
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Kerala, also known as God's own country, is famous for spices, essential oils and Ayurveda. It is a beautiful place to visit and experience ayurvedic culture for the betterment of our skin, hair and body. Shesha Naturals, a brand born in Kerala, specialises in formulating organic beauty products that are made with authentic ayurvedic ingredients from Kerala. Few weeks back, Shesha Naturals sent few of their products to me - Nalpamaradi Thailam, Virgin Coconut Oil, Kasturi Manjal and Tejaswini. I am loving all the products but lately I have been a fan of Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam. It is a famous Skin Brightening and De-Tanning body Oil from Kerala.
Why Choose Shesha Naturals?
Shesha Naturals is an organic brand launched by Renji, an honest beauty blogger. She is an ex-Amazon India Software Engineer with family background of naturopaths and doctors. Her family background has a big role for her interest in natural, organic and ayurvedic products. She always had a vision to spread the goodness of Kerala's ingredients around the world. This vision gave birth to her brand - SHESHA NATURALS.

All the products available under Shesha Naturals are natural, organic and ayurvedic. Each and every product undergoes multiple testing not only in the labs but among her family members too. This dedication behind the formulation of products makes sure that the end product is worth every penny for their consumers.

Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam
Since Ayurvedic Times, Nalpamaradi Thailam is known as a natural skin illuminator that can be applied on face and body. It is an excellent oil that works on the skin from the first use and helps to reduce uneven skin tone, scars, pigmentation, rashes, allergies, irritation and acne.

1. Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam is 100% natural.
2. It is an authentic Ayurvedic formulation with best ingredients from Kerala.
3. It is free from chemicals, synthetics and other harsh ingredients that might irritate skin.
4. It is a vegan formula as Shesha Naturals are against animal testing.
5. It comes in a food grade bottle that keeps Nalpamaradi Thailam fresh and safe to use.
6. It is good for every skin type.
7. It can reduce tanning and pigmentation with regular usage.
8. It also adds glow and softness to skin with regular usage.
9. It works from the first usage to make skin better and healthy.
10. Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam can be used by women as well as men.

Packaging, Texture and Colour
Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam comes in food grade plastic bottle. The bottle is transparent, so you can see the oil and its colour.

Nalpamaradi Thailam is a light oil that penetrates into the skin on massaging. Shesha Naturals don't add an artificial colouring, so it has natural yellowish colour.

Price and Availability
Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam is available at their official website, Amazon, First Cry India and Nykaa. You can purchase 200 ml of one bottle for Rs. 599/-. The bottle goes a long way as you don't need to apply a lot of oil for one time application.

How to Use?
Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam is an authentic Ayurvedic Skin Brightening & De-Tanning Oil from Kerala. It is easy to use (you will find the directions on their website as well on the product's label).
Step 1: Take required amount of Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam and apply it all over your body. You can also apply it on your face. (Only for external use)
Step 2: After application, leave it on for 20-30 minutes or until it is fully absorbed by your skin. (For me, it takes 25 minutes to absorb fully)
Step 3: After the absorption time, either wipe your body or take bath with a mild soap or body wash. It would be better if you take bath with lukewarm water because it will give SPA-LIKE experience. In summers, you can use normal water (make sure, it is not too cold).
That's it!

Note: It has turmeric, so it can stain your clothes. Be careful while using it before bath.

My Experience
When Renji approached me to try and review her products then I was impressed by the vision of the brand as they are focusing on providing Authentic and Organic Products from Kerala. I wasn't aware of Nalpamaradi Thailam and its benefits before Renji discussed about her formulation.

The package was delivered soon with plastic free packaging. Renji and her Team believes in reducing waste and providing products/packaging that don't harm future of our environment.

I have been using Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam since two months on alternative days. It was winter time, so my dry skin did feel the need of oiling. I tested out Nalpamaradi Thailam in three different ways:

Firstly, I used it the way it is mentioned on the product label. I applied it all over body and left it for 30 minutes. While application, I could notice that the oil isn't too thick and it is easy to massage. It is not sticky nor greasy, so you can use it without worrying. After 30 minutes, I took bath with warm water and Organic Body Wash. As I wiped my body after bath, I could notice that it was soft and shining too.

Secondly, I tried it overnight. As the oil has traces of turmeric, so I massaged it well for 5-7 minutes so that Nalpamaradi Thailam absorbed well into the skin. Luckily, it didn't stain my clothes as I was wearing dark coloured clothes. If you are wearing light coloured clothes then do take care of staining. Next morning, I took bath with normal water (after 12 hours - 9 pm to 9 am) and my skin was soft, smooth and glowing. I could also notice that normal itchiness vanished away after 1 week of usage.

Thirdly, I applied Nalpamaradi Thailam (after bath) onto my arms, legs, hands, feet and neck. I massaged well so that it absorbed into the skin. Within few minutes the oil penetrated into the skin, but I could feel that I had applied something onto my skin. After 1 hour, I wiped my skin with wet hot towel nicely. I saw that my skin was soft, smooth and hydrated It also had a natural glow and I couldn't stop touching my skin again and again.

I had a good experience while trying Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam in every way. I still use this body oil thrice a week and my body skin is nourished. Regular usage of this body oil makes sure that dryness from your skin vanishes (make sure to drink enough water every day to keep body hydrated from inside as well).

It has been two months and Nalpamaradi Thailam has reduced tanning from my body skin to 50%. I am hoping that now my skin won't face tanning and uneven skin tone issues as I am using this body oil every week to maintain good health of my skin. You should definitely try Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam and transform your skin naturally. 

To-be-brides should definitely use Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam 2 months before marriage and flaunt their event one, glowing skin on the wedding day.

Note: Always do patch test when you are using a new product for the first time. Also check the ingredients list to see if you are allergic to any natural ingredient or not.

I am impressed with the formulation of Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam, so I would give 5/5 to this brand and product. I recommend everyone to try this authentic ayurvedic oil and improve your skin naturally.

I hope this article was useful to you! Share it with your family and friends to let them know about the benefits of Shesha Naturals Nalapmaradi Thailam - Authentic Ayurvedic Skin Brightening & De-Tanning Oil From Kerala.

Thank You!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)
Lifestyle Blogger, Delhi, India

"The product/s was/were gifted by the Brand. The views about the product/s is/are my own. I have tested it myself for couple of times before writing the detailed review. You should patch test the product on your skin before usage."
Copyright Notice: ©️ Amrit Kaur (Amy). Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site's owner is strictly prohibited. All the images represented here are the copyright of the site's owner, Amrit Kaur. The images have clicked by me or my photographer. They are further edited in Photoshop or/and Canva.