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Every month females go through special gift known as 'Those Days'. Well, I call it a special gift because God choose females to Give Birth to New Life. Every month the uterus lining gets thicker so that it can hold a fertilised egg for pregnant women. When the egg doesn't fertilise then the uterus lining is released from the body in the form of blood. This monthly process is known as period or menstruation. Females face many problems during period like mood swings, cramps, clothes stain, etc. Mood swings and cramps can be tackled by meditating and taking rest, but what about clothes stain? Well, I have a great recommendation for that as well. Adira Period Panty helps every female to have Stain Free Period. I tried Adira Period Panty this month and trust me I didn't feel about 'Those Days' as every day was comfortable and stain free.
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About Adira
Adira is an innerwear brand for females. They use best fabrics and trims that are skin-friendly and make every female feel comfortable when they wear Adira Innerwear. Being a sub-brand of Yashram Lifestyle, Adira has few products that are Patented in India & USA and OEKO-TEX Certified. Visit their website for more details. Currently, Adira is the talk of females for their innovative product - Period Panty. Adira Period Panty (#AdiraHaiTohPossibleHai) makes 'Those Days' comfortable and stain free. Want to know what's my experience with their products? Read further to know about it.
Adira Period Panty Brand Name

Adira Period Panty
You would be wondering what's special in Period Panty. Period Panty is similar to normal panty except for the fact that it has leak-proof crotch that saves you from staining bedsheets or clothes during 'Those Days'. Adira Period Panty is soft and stretchable. It is 100% safe to wear for every female.

1. Adira Period Panty is made with 100% cotton or stretchable cotton & lycra blend.
2. Period Panty is easy to wear and comfortable to use.
3. Period Panty have a special fabric in the center of the panty that prevents staining.
4. The center skin-friendly material of Adira Period Panty is cool and breathable, so it would keep you sweat-free.
5. It can be worn with sanitary napkins, tampons or menstrual cups.
6. It comes in different sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL.
Adira Period Panty Sizes

7. It is available in different styles - hipsters/briefs and shorts/boxers.
8. It can be worn by school going girls, college going teens and women.
9. It is easy to take care of Adira Period Panties. You can wash them with hands or in machine.
10. It is also keeps the sanitary pad with or without wings stationary and avoids shifting.

Material, Price and Availability
Be it any day, we should wear comfortable innerwear as they are intimate body parts. Team behind Adira made their top priority to launch soft, breathable and comfortable innerwear for females.
Adira Period Panty Cotton Material

The material of Adira Period Panty is soft-absorbent natural fabric that takes good care of your intimate areas. As you touch the Period Panty, you would feel the softness.
Adira Period Panty Softness

Not only the material, Adira Period Panty also gave attention to minute details like stitching and joining of fabrics. The fabric is joined so well that you won't feel any irritation of unevenness while you wear Adira Period Panty.
Adira Period Panty Overlocking

The Period Panty has three layers:
Absorbent Layer : This layer absorbs the liquid (blood) and sweat.
Leak-proof Layer : This layer makes sure that you stay stain free form the entire day. It prevents liquid (blood) from leaking to the outer layer.
Cotton Layer : This is the outer covering that comes in contact with your skin and keeps it free from allergies and rashes.
Adira Period Panty Three Layers
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You can purchase, Adira Period Panty from their website. The price range starts from Rs. 649/- for one Adira Period Panty. You can also use my coupon 'AMRIT' to avail 15% off or keep a watch on timely sale on Adira Website.

My Experience
During my 'Those Days', I was always worried about staining clothes or felt uncomfortable (sometimes) while wearing light colour clothes. But since the day, I used Adira Period Panty, all my worries blew away. Now, 'Those Days' feel like normal days. I don't have to worry about staining and I can wear light coloured clothes too. Isn't this a happy feeling? Yesssssss!! Adira made this possible.

Adira Period Panty is soft and comfortable. It felt like I was wearing normal innerwear. I tried the Hipster and it kept the sanitary napkin in place without any discomfort. One thing I would appreciate is that the material is absorbent and it keeps intimate area free from sweat to great extent. I am a person who sweat more during 'Those Days' but Adira Period Panty absorbed excess sweat and kept me going every day.
Adira Period Panty Closeup

I would rate Adira Period Panty as 4.7/5. It is time for every female to switch to Adira Period Panty and have Stain Free Period!
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Do share this article with women in your life and make them aware about Adira Period Panty so that they can also have Stain Free Period. If you/women in your life are using these then share your experience in the comments below.

Thank You!
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