Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam - Authentic Ayurvedic Skin Brightening & De-Tanning Oil From Kerala

Kerala, also known as God's own country, is famous for spices, essential oils and Ayurveda. It is a beautiful place to visit and experience ayurvedic culture for the betterment of our skin, hair and body. Shesha Naturals, a brand born in Kerala, specialises in formulating organic beauty products that are made with authentic ayurvedic ingredients from Kerala. Few weeks back, Shesha Naturals sent few of their products to me - Nalpamaradi Thailam, Virgin Coconut Oil, Kasturi Manjal and Tejaswini. I am loving all the products but lately I have been a fan of Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam. It is a famous Skin Brightening and De-Tanning body Oil from Kerala.
Why Choose Shesha Naturals?
Shesha Naturals is an organic brand launched by Renji, an honest beauty blogger. She is an ex-Amazon India Software Engineer with family background of naturopaths and doctors. Her family background has a big role for her interest in natural, organic and ayurvedic products. She always had a vision to spread the goodness of Kerala's ingredients around the world. This vision gave birth to her brand - SHESHA NATURALS.

All the products available under Shesha Naturals are natural, organic and ayurvedic. Each and every product undergoes multiple testing not only in the labs but among her family members too. This dedication behind the formulation of products makes sure that the end product is worth every penny for their consumers.

Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam
Since Ayurvedic Times, Nalpamaradi Thailam is known as a natural skin illuminator that can be applied on face and body. It is an excellent oil that works on the skin from the first use and helps to reduce uneven skin tone, scars, pigmentation, rashes, allergies, irritation and acne.

1. Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam is 100% natural.
2. It is an authentic Ayurvedic formulation with best ingredients from Kerala.
3. It is free from chemicals, synthetics and other harsh ingredients that might irritate skin.
4. It is a vegan formula as Shesha Naturals are against animal testing.
5. It comes in a food grade bottle that keeps Nalpamaradi Thailam fresh and safe to use.
6. It is good for every skin type.
7. It can reduce tanning and pigmentation with regular usage.
8. It also adds glow and softness to skin with regular usage.
9. It works from the first usage to make skin better and healthy.
10. Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam can be used by women as well as men.

Packaging, Texture and Colour
Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam comes in food grade plastic bottle. The bottle is transparent, so you can see the oil and its colour.

Nalpamaradi Thailam is a light oil that penetrates into the skin on massaging. Shesha Naturals don't add an artificial colouring, so it has natural yellowish colour.

Price and Availability
Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam is available at their official website, Amazon, First Cry India and Nykaa. You can purchase 200 ml of one bottle for Rs. 599/-. The bottle goes a long way as you don't need to apply a lot of oil for one time application.

How to Use?
Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam is an authentic Ayurvedic Skin Brightening & De-Tanning Oil from Kerala. It is easy to use (you will find the directions on their website as well on the product's label).
Step 1: Take required amount of Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam and apply it all over your body. You can also apply it on your face. (Only for external use)
Step 2: After application, leave it on for 20-30 minutes or until it is fully absorbed by your skin. (For me, it takes 25 minutes to absorb fully)
Step 3: After the absorption time, either wipe your body or take bath with a mild soap or body wash. It would be better if you take bath with lukewarm water because it will give SPA-LIKE experience. In summers, you can use normal water (make sure, it is not too cold).
That's it!

Note: It has turmeric, so it can stain your clothes. Be careful while using it before bath.

My Experience
When Renji approached me to try and review her products then I was impressed by the vision of the brand as they are focusing on providing Authentic and Organic Products from Kerala. I wasn't aware of Nalpamaradi Thailam and its benefits before Renji discussed about her formulation.

The package was delivered soon with plastic free packaging. Renji and her Team believes in reducing waste and providing products/packaging that don't harm future of our environment.

I have been using Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam since two months on alternative days. It was winter time, so my dry skin did feel the need of oiling. I tested out Nalpamaradi Thailam in three different ways:

Firstly, I used it the way it is mentioned on the product label. I applied it all over body and left it for 30 minutes. While application, I could notice that the oil isn't too thick and it is easy to massage. It is not sticky nor greasy, so you can use it without worrying. After 30 minutes, I took bath with warm water and Organic Body Wash. As I wiped my body after bath, I could notice that it was soft and shining too.

Secondly, I tried it overnight. As the oil has traces of turmeric, so I massaged it well for 5-7 minutes so that Nalpamaradi Thailam absorbed well into the skin. Luckily, it didn't stain my clothes as I was wearing dark coloured clothes. If you are wearing light coloured clothes then do take care of staining. Next morning, I took bath with normal water (after 12 hours - 9 pm to 9 am) and my skin was soft, smooth and glowing. I could also notice that normal itchiness vanished away after 1 week of usage.

Thirdly, I applied Nalpamaradi Thailam (after bath) onto my arms, legs, hands, feet and neck. I massaged well so that it absorbed into the skin. Within few minutes the oil penetrated into the skin, but I could feel that I had applied something onto my skin. After 1 hour, I wiped my skin with wet hot towel nicely. I saw that my skin was soft, smooth and hydrated It also had a natural glow and I couldn't stop touching my skin again and again.

I had a good experience while trying Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam in every way. I still use this body oil thrice a week and my body skin is nourished. Regular usage of this body oil makes sure that dryness from your skin vanishes (make sure to drink enough water every day to keep body hydrated from inside as well).

It has been two months and Nalpamaradi Thailam has reduced tanning from my body skin to 50%. I am hoping that now my skin won't face tanning and uneven skin tone issues as I am using this body oil every week to maintain good health of my skin. You should definitely try Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam and transform your skin naturally. 

To-be-brides should definitely use Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam 2 months before marriage and flaunt their event one, glowing skin on the wedding day.

Note: Always do patch test when you are using a new product for the first time. Also check the ingredients list to see if you are allergic to any natural ingredient or not.

I am impressed with the formulation of Shesha Naturals Nalpamaradi Thailam, so I would give 5/5 to this brand and product. I recommend everyone to try this authentic ayurvedic oil and improve your skin naturally.

I hope this article was useful to you! Share it with your family and friends to let them know about the benefits of Shesha Naturals Nalapmaradi Thailam - Authentic Ayurvedic Skin Brightening & De-Tanning Oil From Kerala.

Thank You!
Amrit Kaur (Amy)
Lifestyle Blogger, Delhi, India

"The product/s was/were gifted by the Brand. The views about the product/s is/are my own. I have tested it myself for couple of times before writing the detailed review. You should patch test the product on your skin before usage."
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