Desserts! Which dish comes in your mind when you hear this word? Brownie with Chocolate Sauce is all over my mind these days. As we all are quarantined inside our houses, so we cannot go out and treat our taste buds with our favourite desserts. But this doesn't mean that we cannot think of them. Are you craving for desserts? Which is your favourite?
Desserts Cravings

Recently, I was craving for some desserts, so my mother made Besan Laddos for me. Aren't they delicious? Do you like having them? Let's discuss about few desserts and let me know which one is your favourite or are you craving for them during this quarantine?

Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamun to meri jaan hai... This is most wanted dessert of weddings or any other occasions. People feel incomplete without having gulab jamun with ice cream or rabri at a special occasion. My brother loves it a lot, like he can have them every day. And I am not joking... They come in various shapes like round and long. I like having the brown long gulab jamuns while my brother loves to have black round ones. Which one you like?
gulab jamun

Besan ke Laddoo
Besan is one ingredient that I love to have be it in any meal. Besan ke Laddoo are made during winters in our house to keep our body warm during cold weather. My mother fills it with almonds, raisins, cashews, gond, makhana's and other ingredients. This time during quarantine she made more Besan ke Laddoo but she didn't add the dry fruits but added flax seeds, makhana's, watermelon seeds and soaked almonds so that it doesn't harm body during warm weather. And one more thing, she made half the original size of laddoo so that we consume small quantity as compared to winter laddoos. Which laddoos are made at your home?
besan ke laddoo

Jujube Candies
Since childhood, I have always loved having jujebe's and gummies. I remember that me and my family used to visit Jaincorner Shop in Kamla Nagar, Delhi and we used to buy the ones which had different shapes. Jaincorner had the most authentic ones which had original taste and we used to called them as 'Rubber wali Goli'. Till now, I like having jujube's and gummies. In 2018, I visited Korea and got so many packets from there for my family and friends. Have you tried jujube's?
jujube candies

Brownie sun ke to muh mei paani aa jata hai... I don't like to eat milk chocolates so that's why I always go for dark chocolate or brownies as they have the authentic taste which my taste buds love. I prefer having warm brownies with some chocolate sauce or ice cream scoop. How do you prefer having them?

Cakes and Pastries
Who doesn't like having cakes and pastries? We cut cake on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Pastries are small version of cake cut into slices of equal size. Over the time, my taste has changed a lot and now I prefer having dark chocolate pastries, berries ones and my most favourite cheesecake. Trust me while writing this and looking at pictures, my mouth is shouting, 'GIVE ME SOME DESSERTS!!'
cakes and pastries

cakes and pastries

I hope you found your favourite dessert in my desserts list, if not then let me know in the comments below which one you love to have. Also how are you coping with cravings during quarantine? I am making meals at home and keeping my cravings in control. Share this article with your family and friends and let them recall their favourite dessert memories too.
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I hope you all are safe and in good health. Since, the LockDown was extended in India, so my family planned Evening Movie Date. While scrolling through ZEE5 Original Web Series, I came across two series of drama genre which talked about strong women - Karenjit Kaur - the untold story of Sunny Leone and Code M. So, we planned to watch these two series over the weekend with #StayHomeToZEE5. Now, you would be curious to know are they worth watching? Well, all your questions are answered in the short review of these series. Read on and plan your movie date accordingly for the next weekend.

Karenjit Kaur - the untold story of Sunny Leone
Source : Video Streaming Platform ZEE5

Sunny Leone as Karenjit Kaur
Rysa Saujani as young Karenjit
Bijay J. Anand as Jaspal Singh Vohra
Grusha Kapoor as Balwant Kaur Vohra
Raj Arjun as Anupam Chaubey
Karamvir Lamba as Sundeep
Vansh Pradhan as Young Sundeep
Marc Buckner as Daniel

Seasons : 3
Episodes : 20
Director : Aditya Datt


This is an original biopic of Karenjit Kaur, famously known as Sunny Leone. The series starts from her childhood, where she lives with her conservative Sikh Family in Canada. She lived with her parents and a younger brother. All her family members were supportive, but they were not coping with the modern world. Her parents were confined to family issues while Sunny and her brother were open-minded and lived a modern lifestyle. During her teenage, she went forward to do a lingerie ad where she had to shed her clothes. She was a lot nervous as she was the only Asian model among other American models. Though, she was nervous and not accepting the scenario that happened but later she had to step into the adult entertainment industry. It was not a happy decision, but the need of the hour because her father had lost his job and the life overseas, is not that easy. Sunny's father had always been supportive, but her mother wasn't too happy with her profession.

The drama is quite interesting as it has few punches and instances that many Punjabi families would relate and enjoy watching them. Similarly, the drama also gives a glimpse of situations that few families, who go overseas and get discriminated due to colour, might face and land up taking a forceful path. All the three seasons are connected to each other well. It would have been difficult for Sunny to live her life again, but her story explains well how she is a strong women at present.

The Season 1 and 2 talks more about her life before she entered Big Boss Season 5, from where she became known and famous in India. Later, she entered the Bollywood industry and fought for her identity and image. Luckily, she fought with all ups and downs and stood up as a strong women. So, I would suggest you, watch the series as you would be hooked to know what's next and end up watching the entire season at one go, just like me and my family did.

I liked the biopic series, so I would rate it 4.5/5.

Code M
Source : Video Streaming Platform ZEE5

Jennifer Winget as Major Monica Mehra
Tanuj Virwani as Legal Council Angad Sandhu
Rajat Kapoor as Col. Suryaveer Chauhan
Seema Biswas as Terrorist Asif's Mother
Keshav Sadhan as Major Gaurav
Aalekh Kapoor as Major Shakti

Seasons : 1
Episodes : 8
Director : Akshay Choubey

Code M is a drama web series that revolves around Indian Army Lawyer, Monica Mehra, who works hard to decode a special case. She is handed over the task to decode the death of an army officer and two militant suspects. If you like adventurous and mysterious series then you would enjoy watching this with your family. Monica Mehra, a bride-to-be, leaves no stone unturned to solve this mystery. Soon, she understands that what is being portrayed is not the truth. She investigates from all the people who are related to the case and comes to a conclusion that all the three dead men were victims.

Jennifer is known for her outstanding acting skills and she again proves the same in Code M series. The interest and mystery that she brings in with each episode, keeps you intact to the screen and know what's next. As Monica, reaches the climax, she doubts Rajat Kapoor, who refuses to share the secrets behind the top powers in Army. But with love, care, investigation, research and dedication, Monica cracks the code and the series ends with a crisp climax. I would suggest you to watch this series and know more about what goes behind the Army system. This series also teaches a good lesson that one should not always believe in what is visible. So, book a time and enjoy the series with your family.

I like such a mystery drama series, so I would rate this 4.7/5.

#StayHomeToZEE5 Series or Movies

I hope that you find these reviews helpful. Do share your feedback on ZEE5 Original Web Series and share this article with family and friends.

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Hey, homemade food alert!!!! As we all are staying home and have limited or no access to food delivery joints, so it is time to eat healthy food. Since 24th March (My Birthday), India has been locked down and there is limited access to groceries and essential commodities. This is the time when we should eat healthy so that our body functions well and we all can stay safe at home to avoid contact with the virus. So, today on the menu we have Besan Bread Toast - Vegan Recipe. Besan is also known as Gram Flour. Let's start preparation for it.
Besan Bread Toast - Vegan Recipe

Ingredients Needed

200-250 grams Gram Flour (Besan)
Water (as required)
12 Vegan Bread Slices
Olive Oil

Besan Bread Toast - Vegan Recipe (Bread)

2-3 onions
1-2 tomatoes (or 2-3 tablespoons tomato paste)
2-3 Green Chillies
Coriander Leaves (as per taste)

1 teaspoon Turmeric
1 teaspoon Coriander Powder
1 teaspoon Black Pepper
1 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder
Salt to taste

Preparation of Besan Mixture

1. Take a bowl and add besan (gram flour) in it.
2. Now, add filtered water and stir the mixture. Remember that mixture should not be too thick nor too thin.
3. Add coriander leaves and keep it aside for 20-25 minutes.

Preparation of Vegetables for Besan Mixture

1. Cut or chop or shred onions, tomatoes and green chillies. Now, add them to the besan mixture and mix well.
2. Add little bit of water to smooth the paste and mix well.
3. Now, add all the spices into the mixture and mix well. Keep the mixture aside for 5 minutes.

Besan Bread Toast - Vegan Recipe (Besan Mixture)

Preparation of Besan Bread Toast

Now, is the time to prepare Besan Bread Toast and have it with family.
1. Heat a non-stick pan or tawa.
2. Add Olive Oil or any other cooking oil as required on the tawa or pan. Let it heat for few seconds.
3. Take 1 slice of brown bread and dip it into the Besan Paste. Make sure that the besan paste sticks to both sides.
4. Put the bread slice onto the pan or tawa and let it cook over medium flame.
5. Keep a watch on bread slice, so that it doesn't burn. Turn it when one side is cooked.

Besan Bread Toast - Vegan Recipe (Besan Bread)

6. Let the other side of the bread slice cook. Put few drops of oil if needed to make it crisp.
7. Low the flame and take the bread slice on a plate.
Enjoy having Vegan Besan Bread Toast or serve it with chutney, tomato sauce or curd!

Besan Bread Toast - Vegan Recipe

Note:  If you don't have bread then follow the same procedure and keep the paste little thick. Now, pour 2 tablespoons of Besan Mixture onto the tawa or pan and cook it from both side. Serve Besan Pancakes and enjoy!

If you would like to see a video tutorial of the entire recipe then it is live on my YouTube channel. Watch it now here!

Besan Bread Toast Pinterest

I hope this recipe would be useful to you! Let me know if you have tried Besan Bread Toast before and if you try it in future then do send me a picture. I would be happy to see it.

Thank You!
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"This recipe is made by my mother."
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Hello readers, I hope that you and your family is safe and in good health. We all never expected such a situation in lifetime but this is the reality which all of us have to face and deal with. But remember that each one of us have to STAY POSITIVE DURING QUARANTINE. As more than half of the countries, around the world, have declared lock down, so it is our duty to follow that. We, Indians, are living Quarantine life (Total lockdown) since 24th March to fight against the ill effects of COVID-19 and stay safe inside. It is also important to stay Positive during Quarantine and have hope that everything would be back to normal.
How to Stay POSITIVE during QUARANTINE? 5 Ways to Stay Positive

While few of you would be tensed, worried or depressed there are other people who still have faith in God and have not lost hope. In this article, I would talk about 5 ways to stay Positive during Quarantine. So, keep a smile of hope on your face, God's faith in your heart and read on the article.

1. Limit your Interaction with Social Media

I am sure that many of you would scroll through social media to pass your time, but is it right? Well, you should limit your interaction with social media because under the current situation our mind needs rest. If you keep scrolling through social media for the entire day then it is likely that your mind would not be calm while you go for sleep. Excess screen time also effects your eyes and skin (bad radiation). So, limit the time for social media so that you can calm your mind and soul. Also don't watch news about the pandemic situation for long as it also effects your mind. Stay updated with the current situation and facts but don't let them rule your mind.
How to stay positive during quarantine? instagram @amritkaur_amy
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Tip : Take out time to close your eyes and relax for 15-20 minutes after every 3-4 hours. Also take deep breathe and listen to soothing music or religious gurbaani that calms your mind.

2. Revive Good, Old Memories

As your family is staying closer to you, so what would be a good time to revive old memories? Dig out old pictures, videos, albums, recordings and enjoy that with your family. You can mark my words watching memories is better than watching TV or other streaming platforms. This way, you can share different incidents which you might have not spoken about as we all get busy in every life. So, make the most of Quarantine Time and say your heart out because this time won't be back.
How to stay positive during quarantine? memories
Reviving Good, Old Memories when we three had fun at an event.

Tip : You can also create DIY crafts of such golden memories and make a special place in your room so that you can watch it every day and smile. Remember that giving time to your family is the best earning of everyone's life.

3. Meditate, Exercise or Perform Yoga to Stay Fit

While staying at home, physical activities have been reduced as we cannot go out so most of us tend to sit or lie down for long hours. This makes our body lazy, so it is necessary to take out at least 30 minutes every day to meditate, exercise or perform yoga and keep our body fit and healthy. Keeping our body fit also makes sure that our body functions rightly and decreases stress and tension. So, did you exercise today? No? Let's do it together after 30 minutes, what say?
how to stay positive in quarantine? meditate and exercise
I cannot go out, but I do yoga for 15 minutes in morning and evening both.

Tip : You can watch certain YouTube videos and follow their exercise, meditation or yoga routine every day. This way you don't feel alone while working out and keep your body fit.

4. Cook, Serve and Eat Together

Have you ever heard that cooking is a stress buster? Well, few people love cooking as it is their hobby or passion while few others cook to calm their mind. So, this Quarantine life would definitely give you tension and worry for health as well as financial situation, so why not relieve the stress? Go to the kitchen and cook your favourite dish which you and your family would enjoy having together. This way, you would treat your family members as well as make some more good memories to cherish in future. Cooking food at home also keeps your body fit because you are having homemade food which is clean, healthy and delicious. So, it adds to your good heath.
How to Stay Positive during Quarantine? Cook Food
I cooked sabudana and aloo tikki.

How to Stay Positive during Quarantine? Cook Food2
Serve food in a different way to make your family happy.

Tip : Prepare anything that you like but present it in a different way to bring a cute smile on your family members and surprise them. I am sure, such small gesture would bring loved ones more closer.

5. Improve your Skills

All of us would have interest in one or more topics or career options, so during this lockdown why don't you improve your skills. I can understand that your mind would not be set to work or learn something new but believe me if you invest your time and mind in something useful then you won't be bored sitting at home. Learning a new skill or improving your current skill would help you to have better vision. You can excel in that field or skill and make use of it in future as well. I have joined photography online courses at Udemy (You can also check their website, they have slashed down the prices to let people learn something new during Quarantine).
How to stay positive during quarantine? Improve skills
I am improving my Photography and YouTube skills.

Tip : You can also start a new hobby or passion which you always wanted to start or persue but couldn't do due to some reason. It is right time to indulge and bring out your creativity and passion.
how to stay positive during quarantine? pinterest

I hope that these ways to Stay Positive during Quarantine would help you to divert your mind from the tensed situation and utilise time in something useful for yourself, your body and your future. Let me know in the comment below, how are you keeping your positive during quarantine. Share these tips with your family and friends.

Thank You!
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