Lockdown has been a roller-coaster for each one of us where our lives have turned up and most of the things around us stopped. Amid this tensed situation, ZEE5 never fails to motivate and entertain its users with regular update of Movies and Original Series on the OTT Platform. Recently, one my friend from Mumbai suggested me to watch a Marathi movie, Pushpak Vimaan. It is a light-hearted movie that shows real-life struggles of moving from a village to the city. Well, this is relatable with the current situation as we all are adapting ourselves with the lockdown and living with limited available resources.

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Pushpak Vimaan Poster at ZEE5

Movie Name : Pushpak Vimaan
Movie Genre : Drama
Director : Vaibhav R. Chinchalkar
Movie Cast
Mohan Joshi as Tatya
Subodh Bhave as Vilas
Gouri Mahajan as Smita
Suyash Zunjurke as Firoz
Prii Hedau as Travel Agent
Rahul Deshpande
Pushpak Vimaan Poster at ZEE5
ZEE5 OTT Platform

Story Line
Subodh Bhave has been one of my favourite actors, so I was curious to watch Pushpak Vimaan. This is a family drama that revolves around, Tatya and his grandson Vilas. Tatya lives in the village while his grandson Vilas lives in the city with his wife. Tatya loves his village life and devotes most of the time with God. He has a keen interest in mythology and is a keertankaar.

One day, Tatya was not well, so his neighbour called Vilas to the village (as there was no other relative in the village). Vilas was worried for his grandfather, so he went to the village too look into the matter. As Vilas couldn't stay there for long, so he convinced Tatya to shift to Mumbai so that he and his wife can take good care of him. Soon, Tatya started missing his village and couldn't adjust in the city life well, so he decided to go back to the village.
Pushpak Vimaan Poster at ZEE5
ZEE5 OTT Platform

Before heading to the village, Tatya went to meet his friend's daughter in Saki Naka. There Tatya sees seroplane for the first time and referred it as Pushpak Vimaan. Well, you would be assuming that why did he say that? Tatya has always been attached to mythology, where he learnt that one Sant Tukaram used aeroplane i.e. Pushpak Vimaan to go to the Heaven. Now, Tatya wishes to get onto the Pushpak Vimaan and reach Heaven like Sant Tukaram. So, now what? If grandfather wishes then it is duty of his grandson to fulfill his wish to go on an aeroplane journey. Does his wish gets fulfilled? Does he reach the Heaven? Well, I won't break the climax here. Go and watch the movie now on ZEE5 with your family and enjoy over the weekend or any other day.

Pushpak Vimaan is a nice movie to watch one-time with your family. The actors like Subodh Bhave, Mohan Joshi and Gouri Mahajan have a powerful character and acting skills, which keeps you intact for the entire 2 hours 7 minutes. Moreover, the film connects with real-life situations between two different generations talking about mythology and advanced technology. I like that the movie is shot at real places, which add more realistic touch to it. I am sure you would like to watch Pushpak Vimaan and know who wins at the end - mythology or technology?

I hope you liked the review and Enjoy Watching Pushpak Vimaan and Kill Lockdown Boredom with ZEE5. Do share the review with family and friends. Also share your thoughts on this movie below.

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